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On Thursday 31st of January 2002 GreenJade released their debut album “Chronicles: The Story So Far…” at a launch event at the Brixton Fridge attended by over 800 people, which was unheard of for the release of an urban Christian album at the time, especially because there were so few Urban Christian albums at the time. During our 15 year career wereleased seven albums which can be viewed here but it all started with Chronicles.

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The Chronicles album went on to be the first UK Hip-Hop album signed to a major Christian label, opened the doors for Urban Christian into CCM events such as Soul Survivor, GreenBelt and Spring Harvest and helped to established the award winning UK Urban Christian Music scene with songs like Merrily and Faith.
To commemorate this we are giving away our final album “Movement To Progress” as we never had the opportunity to promote it and rather than have our best work go unheard we wanted to share it with the people who have supported us and the UK Urban Christian Scene. Also look out for our second album “LIFE As We Know It” that featuresGunzDown and Kick Off Ya Shoes.

Movement to Progress includes tracks like Clap’Em ClaphamMore Things ChangeFathers Day and off course GoodBye.
Hope you enjoy this present from us and look out for Judah’s 360 album which is out now on iTunes.

President/CEO of The Corelink Solution and Holy Culture

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