1K Phew, Aha Gazelle – Speed Racer

This is the official music video for the song Speed Racer. It is a collaborative video from 1K Phew and Aha Gazelle. The actual song itself is off of 1K Phew’s latest album called as I Am, which was released in 2022. This is a collaboration that many fans of this genre have been waiting for. This video was so highly anticipated that they are calling for another collaboration between these talented singers.

This is an interesting song and a very exciting video. The song serves as a testimony for the singer. It talks about how he started out in life but how he changed and the importance of always having good friends by your side. The kind that will have your back in any situation and the importance of having God in your life as well. It doesn’t matter how you start off because once you find God and you find the gospel you can always change your life into something better.

That is exactly what happened to this artist. Once he changed his life and turned himself around things improved for him. He not only had God, he had a friend who stuck by him throughout all kinds of situations and now his life is certainly better. His music career has taken off and everything else. So there is a message in this song that you can relate to.

It is also a phenomenal piece of music. Everything from the beats to the bars to the lyrics you’ll find absolutely enjoyable. Many fans love this song and they cannot wait for the next tracks of the album and they are looking forward to many other projects and collaborations from these artists.