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2022 Stellars Recap

Published on July 18, 2022

I hesitate a LOT in writing this as I know I will not do the extended weekend proper justice. At the same time, not posting something does not seem right either. So, I am going to hit some of the highlights quickly and I am sure this post will expand over time as I get photos and gentle reminders from others such as “….you forgot about.” Bring them on, I am open to them!!!

First and foremost, I have to congratulate DJ Focus and Da Fixx Morning Radio Show for their first stellar award for Medium Market Station for their work on Power 89.1FM. Shout out and congrats to all of the shows, the ownership, and management at WNZN as well!

This being my first time at the Stellars, I have to say I did not quite know what to expect. I knew I was looking forward to meeting some folks, particularly with the expansion of our channel to SiriusXM CH 154, as it is important we collaborate with those in the Gospel Industry. However, I was so happy to see CHH well-represented during the awards.

On Thursday, we were able to attend the celebrity basketball game. Shout out to Tyscot Records, Bill Carpenter, and some of the artists I met before heading out of the hotel on the way.

Once we arrived at the Celebrity basketball game – and shoutout to Pastor Jamal Bryant – lovely church – it was gracious to see plenty of folks in the house. From 1K Phew and the 1K Famo, to R-Swift, Brea Miles, Hee Sun Lee, Mahogany Jones, Pristavia, Jor'dan Armstrong and more.

Prior to the tip-top Jekalyn Carr received a wonderful award from the City of Atlanta, that included her having an official city day every year. Great game – – there is footage coming via DJ Focus – – baskets and bloopers, I can tell you that. The half-time show included a performance from 1K Phew, followed by a performance of Respect Me from Brea Miles, Hee Sun Lee, Mahogany Jones, and Pristavia.

On Friday evening, God Over Money performed at the Radio Awards event. I hate to say it, but I missed this one 🙁 – – please don't ask me to explain why. LOL

On Saturday, we headed over to the Stellar Awards, the location, Cobb Energy Performing Art Centre, was great for the event. The front row was filled with everyone you would expect from Yolanda Adams to Erica Campbell, to Jonathan McReynolds, Kirk, etc., etc., etc. The ceremony was co-hosted by Stellar Award-winning artists Jekalyn Carr and Kierra Sheard, who kept us engaged throughout.

There were several notable moments during the event.

Wande took the stage and does what she does – – a great song (They Didn't Know II) with dancers to boot. I need to mention that her Reach Records label mates 1K Phew & Lecrae won the coveted Stellar Award for Rap/Hip Hop Gospel Album of the Year for their album, No Church In A While.

Aaron Cole rocked Glory, just in front of the stage, and Erica Mason spilled a nice piece from the mid-floor of the crowd that had everyone following every word.

After the Stellars, we hit 1K Phew's Karaoke Bash (no, I did not sing).

A great extended weekend of fellowship, more to come!

The Stellar Awards will air on Sunday Aug. 7 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on BET, BET Her and BET International and will be syndicated in various local markets across the U.S. between Aug. 13 and Sept. 11. For a complete list of winners and additional updates, visit and follow The Stellar Awards on social media @TheStellars on Instagram and Twitter and Stellar Gospel Music Awards on Facebook.


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