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2Edge – No Switchin’

The statement is clear, “30 years still No Switching,” as veteran 2Edge examines the “dash” between his early beginnings and the state of music today over a rough track from Joshua Penn FKA Young Joshua. Along with the examination is his thankfulness to God, to be able to not change lanes when offered the opportunity, but stay focused on spreading the Gospel.

A bit therapeutic
This here more than music, Yo
2Edge, Joshua Vann

Verse 1
Feeling like Bebe & CeCe in 84
Asking God to lift us up where we belong
Every Gooding i know need them a Nia Long
Gotta a testimony bout sin you've been delivered from
Share it, somebody really need that, need that
To Whom It May Concern still making many lean back
Got that new one for ya, you can stream that
Go ahead get comfy with your lil bean bag
Yep yep like I just brought that new jack swing back
Hallelujah, I'm that guy that can rap or sing that
Trap, praise & worship or this boom bap
Past to the latest, put 2Edge in your playlist
Never changed what the focus is, still Christ
This music is a way of life, not just a vice
Some chose another route and now paying the price (yeah)
As for me, I will never switch or think twice

No Matter what… No Switchin'
No Master what… no Switchin'
No matter what… No switchin'
No matter what, I'm a stay in my lane

Verse 2
I've Been digging into the lives of alot of my favorites
Many started with such a beautiful fragrance
For some, they thought Christian Hip Hop was where Mase Is
Before you knew it the standards was changing faces
Quite a few started their love for the tempos
With their hands lifted and no thought of wanting to strip clothes
And wanting to blow up like coca cola and mentos
But now like Gladys, they wish that life could be so simple
They did it for the clout, did it to be famous
Now they wishing to be anonymous and nameless
I thank God for keeping me in my lane tho
Never wanted to play in the fame game tho
I love making Music but I love God more
That's what this light was made to shine in the dark for
Sometimes God takes me down the road of reminiscing
Jehovah what this world's missing… No Switchin'


Verse 3
Way deeper than what's seen in gossip and headlines
They struggle with love and issues and deadlines
Rather than jumping on bandwagons with dissin' em
I pray for em all, put em to sleep like bedtime
Before they red line, tell em Christ is the Redeemer
And keep teaching the younger ones the grass is not greener
Keep sharing the gospel like we did since the beginning
30 years still no Switchin… listen


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October 20, 2019

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