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Whats good world,

I am a big MMA fan, I watch it whenever I can. I actually trained in MMA Grapping for a couple months before things got really busy with school & music. Its interesting to watch and analyze match-ups and the different techniques fighters use. Every now and then I’ll be watching a fight and a fighter gets instructions from his corner but he completely ignores them. For example the corner will say, keep it on the feet the fighter immediately takes the fight to the ground. A lot of times when this happens the fighter loses.

The same thing can happen to us as Christians. We all sin, and we will continue to sin as long as we are alive. But some sins and some situations are avoidable. We have been given clear instructions through the bible  and we know whats right and we know the wise decisions. And yet we ignore what we know and we do what we want. Later we look back and wonder what happened. How did we get here? We got here form ignoring our corner. We always tell non-believers that the bible isn’t a set of rules to keep us from having fun but it allows us to experience true joy and true happiness. Yet sometimes we don’t believe it ourselves. “We say it won’t be bad this one time” or “Its not that big of deal” Next thing we know we’re a deep situation and it seems like there is no way out. Praise God for His forgiveness, mercy and patience. That He still loves us and cares for us when we don’t listen to His instructions. He always gives us one more chance.

God Bless,

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