3 Tips For a Healthy Life; Detoxing Body and Soul

Dice Gamble shares her tips for creating and maintaining a healthy life and detoxing the body.  Small changes in our diet and exercise regime to help us improve our overall health. 

DJ Focus shares 3 scriptures to detox our relationship with food and strengthen our relationship with God.    

1K Famo member Chris Elijah stops by Da Fixx to share his faith journey and talks the Famo, street ministry, his passion for writing and film and the importance of representation in Christian media. 

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Happy tiptoe Tuesday, Kings and Queens. It Chalo. DJ focused checking in. Happy tiptoe Tuesday. It’s your Girl Dice. Gambling in the building. Uhhuh. . Yes. Okay. . I love Tiptoe Tuesday. This is, you know, a good day for me. I love Tuesday. Tiptoe Tuesday. I know like, like, listen, y’all already know we’re gonna be tiptoeing into something today.

We don’t know if y’all gonna like it, but we going that direction. . Wake up. Wake up. Wake up with this, wake up with this . You doing this? How are you? I’m fantastic man. I’m just excited. Our audience is growing. People are listening, giving more feedback. So just wanna say thank you guys for waking up with us.

Monday through Friday, 6:00 AM to 8:00 AM Holy Culture Radio right here on Sirius XM, channel 1 54, like the fixes end and it’s it’s exciting man. It’s exciting getting to do this. So yesterday was that get real Monday about those relationships. So that covenant versus contract . That was good stuff.

So I’m hoping you guys got something out of that. For real. So now we going tiptoe on into the next. Absolutely. And, and we, we pray. We pray. Y’all received that uplift verse contract . I know we got some hate now, but pray for us, you know, , we’re just trying to make sure we keep it, you know, we’re just keeping relationships healthy out here.

Healthy relationships, that’s all it is, man. Just you know, some, some kingdom love. Okay? . Keep God in that relationship that, you know, y’all stop leaving God out that the equation . Yeah, yeah, yeah. God is definitely the glue cuz y’all already. Mm-hmm. , listen it, we’re still excited cuz it is Stellar’s Week.

the Stellar Awards are going down. Literally this drum Saturday drum roll, drum drum roll. We we’re, we’re, we’re in. We, we are super excited. We will be in the building for a couple of the different events. Of course, you know, we’ll be at the celebrity basketball game going down on Thursday. Mm-hmm. as well as, you know, we’ll be at the awards on Friday night.

Mm-hmm. , preferably we walk away with some hardware, , a couple, a couple trophies. If, if the Lord says so and then also we know we have the, the stellar taping that’s going down Saturday. So of course we’ll be in the building for that. So, yes. Mm-hmm. , I’m just looking forward to it. I, is there anybody you’re looking forward to seeing Performed Dice?

Who is that one singer that you know, when the stellar come around that you’re always looking forward to? Do you have one or is it. There’s a kind, I’m, I’m, I think I’m more excited about seeing Agape Group. I mean, they have really grown on me and I know they’re performing at, I think at the halftime during the basketball game.

I, but as far as Stellar go, anybody, I mean just anybody. And preferably, you know, seeing you walk across the stage, getting an award. Like, that’s, that’s my preference on the Stellars on this week. I mean, it’s really hard to focus on anybody else. Like, cuz I mean, you’re just like, Lord, are we gonna win anything?

Because it’s been exciting just being nominated, being a part of this, and then knowing that the fix is nominated so for in two categories. So it’s just like, man, can we get to Friday and Saturday already? Like, I mean, I’m, I’m, I’m cool that we here at tiptoe Tuesday, but I’m just being 100. Like the Stellar’s this year is not about the artist for me.

Except for that Agape music group. I wanna, I wanna hear, I wanna hear something from them, but it’s definitely like, are we going to get a stellar Jesus? That’s how I feel on this . Right, right. Yeah, we, we, we definitely hope. I just wanna know. We, we, we get a couple of ’em. If, if the Lord say so, or, or at least one, whatever it may.

But we are up for two categories for our other platform we’re on. So yeah, we’re, we’re, we’re excited. Listen we got another hot show for y’all again. Oh, of course. You know, you’re tuned into the fiction. Of course. Our mission is to expose the culture to positive, but relevant music that keeps Jesus Christ at the center of the message.

Yeah. King and Queens. Y’all getting up? Come on. Wake up with us. Wake up with us. Wake up. We pray that y’all done had you know that, that little time with the Lord this morning. You prayed a little bit. Got your devotion in your meditation in. Let’s go out and let’s be Yeah, the light. Let’s go out and be the light in the world today.

Love on somebody today. Yeah. All right. This real talk topic today is gonna be interesting, I think. It’s gonna be awesome. Yeah. Yeah. It’s tip, it’s tiptoe Tuesday. We know y’all trying to tiptoe into that new summer body. So we are definitely gonna talk some tips to detox and managing your health today.

So that’s tip tiptoe on then like, welcome, welcome . Wake up. Wake up. Look, look, you said tiptoe into that summer body and I’m tip thinking like tip. That does sound good. But then tip, tiptoe balance between to with that banana pu and that peach top. You know what I’m saying? You know? Yeah. We gonna be able to tell when we see that body who was tiptoeing at 12, midnight to the refrigerator, like, Hey, the body don’t lie.

I mean, it is what it is. I love food. I’m a foodie. I mean, I promise you that there is nothing after giving everything to Jesus that I will ever, oh, I pray to God. I never go to hell. But if y’all see me there, it will be for ice cream. Okay, . That’ll be the only thing. It’s just a weakness. That’s my weakness.

Just ice cream, I mean, any day. My breakfast, lunch, dinner. Don’t make, don’t, doesn’t even matter. Bowl on the waffle cone. That is my, that is my kryptonite. Like ice cream. I mean, I used to wait, and I don’t know about you focus, but I’d be begging my grandmother and my mom for that. 25 or 50 cent for the ice cream man.

Mm-hmm. . Okay. Get that pushup or that the, what’s the red, white and blue joint? I, I know you talking about, I can’t remember. Yes, yes, yes. But I, I don’t know. I love that little orange, the orange sickle one. And then I, like, I’m, I’m, I’m iffy about bananas, but I liked the banana with the chocolate one. That was kind of like the red, white and blue joints.

Oh my goodness. I lived for a Popsicle, but ice cream, like growing up, we would turn the ice cream. We had that with the bucket, you know, you throwing the ice and the salt in it. My grandmother would make that fresh mix of whatever ice cream. And it was just, I mean, we, the kids, we take turns, but listen, four hours later you had the best ice cream you ever had.

So that’s my weakness, man. Like, I am an ice cream fan. What’s your number one like, you know that’s your sweet, it don’t matter. Like if they put that in front of you. I’m eating that. Reese Cup. Oh dang. . He said Reece Cup . It’s, it’s bad. It’s bad. Shout out to all the Reese Cup lovers out there, Reese. I bet on Halloween.

You like, gimme all the mini Reese cups. Like, and they, and they, and they make the double layer ones during Halloween, like the, oh, you know, like the, the thick ones. And I love those. Oh my goodness. Wait a minute, bro. So so listen, he brought me that I’m, that’s one of my weaknesses too. And on my cheat days I’m like, Hey, it’s peanut butter and chocolate.

You know what I’m saying? You know, I know it has a lot of sugar in it, but, and it ha it has some little milk in it. But that’s, that’s a cheat one for me. And one day I asked LJ to bring me one and he brought me the one with the potato chips in it. Oh, wow. Have you had that joint? No, I haven’t. It adds that little bit of salty.

Oh, I think I ate one of the cups in just like two bites and I think I swallowed the other one. Just, it was good, bro. I mean, I thought it was gonna be nasty when it, I said, oh yeah, brought me now wrong. You know how, you know, ask somebody bring you a suite and then they bring you the wrong thing. You are so mad.

And I was like, Lord, let me just relax and forgive him and eat this one. We put the chips in it and it was fantastic. It was fantastic. But yeah, they don’t top my ice cream now. I took my ice cream over that. Mm-hmm. . So, yeah. You already know this is, this is gonna be a great conversation. , you know, some healthy hips to get your body rights you know, to have some balance and make sure we keep in our temple.

Yeah. The way the Lord would want us to keep our temple . Absolutely. I know Jesus didn’t plan for us to be eating reesey cups and ice cream.

Everything is so bad for you. Tastes so good. Like, so good. You never think about that, you know. Oh, man. I know, I know. It just, ooh. I mean, that’s what I said, man. It’s, it’s, it’s definitely gonna take some discipline and obviously we know our, our bodies are the temple of the Holy Ghost, and so we should be caring about this body a little bit more, but it’s harp.

But we know that a lot of you guys are getting ready for a summer or even just wanting to feel a little bit better. So we’re gonna talk about just some, some detox options and some things that you can just easily add to your diet or to your day to just kind of keep you from overindulging in the things that you shouldn’t, that you know you shouldn’t, that your doctor done told you you shouldn’t.

Okay. . Oh yeah, man. Listen, we also have an exclusive interview today with one K Famo member, Chris Elijah. So you definitely wanna keep in locked for that exclusive interviews and you. D and I do we, you know, we, we going, we gonna talk about little, this little that we, you know how we do it. It’s tiptoe Tuesday.

Let’s get into some music though. We got music on the way from Erica combo as well as Angie Rose. But right now let’s get into some chosen D featuring one KK average G Lock. Get tuned into the fix and fix is in. Get tune back into the fix your source for faith infused hip hop, r and b and poetry right here on Sirius xm, channel 1 54 Holy Culture Radio.

1K Chris Elijah

Stop playing. You know, you tapped in with DJ Focus and Dice Gamble And listen dice, it’s that time. We, we love these exclusive interviews. We talk about you know, who got next, the next up and coming. So listen, we are excited, we are joined by you know, an artist, a. Director, educator and listen, you know, he repping that one.

K fam O two as well. Help us. Welcome in one K. Chris, Elijah. What’s going on brother? Man? What’s happening in fam Family Man, it’s all will. Can’t complain. Y’all good? We good man. Thank you for coming on the show. We are really appreciate your time, bro. No problem. No problem. Listen out the gate, man. Can you share a little bit of your faith story with the people?

Maybe how you developed your relationship with Christ before we get to talking about everything else you got going on. Yeah, man. Man, when I was young, man, I, I always believed in God. Like when something go wrong, your life, something, just something crazy happened. I always find myself praying, but I wasn’t living for Christ.

I really didn’t start living for Christ until about 19. There was some situations in my life, man, that really just put me on my knees and, oh man, that’s how God moved. God, God will break you down. So at that age, man, God did this, God did his thing in my life, man, and really showed me who I was and how far I was from him.

And it didn’t sit well with me. I put it like that. I, that’s the best way to put it, man. And I really wanted to cultivate and develop that relationship with God. So that’s what I did. And God put the right people in my life at the right time. Ever since, man, I’ve been, I’ve been trying to, trying to learn this God man, trying to develop this relationship with God and, and it’s ongoing, you know what I’m saying?

We, we fall, but we get back up and God still loves us so. Man, I just wanna spread that love to other people and just let ’em know, man, life is hard. You know, we gonna mess up. But God still still loves us and still has a great plan for our life. So, no, that’s fine. Everything you said, man, people need to hear.

So I’m, it’s not just like Christians that listen to this, so thank you for saying that, man. Oh, no problem. Yeah, for sure. I, I wanna know about this one k in front of your name. Can you tell our listeners and our viewers a little bit about that man? One k 1000, man, we’re gonna keep it real with y’all today.

We’re gonna tell you the truth. We gonna we gonna speak from our heart. You know what I’m saying? We gonna be honest with the people. We gonna be honest with ourselves. So that’s, I mean, that’s one k. That’s one K in the next year, man. Y’all know the family man. Well, one K p one k p son, Dino, aj, the great man, man.

Chosen. Y’all know y’all. Hey, we brothers, we. How does, how did you guys meet though and come together though? Cause I, at, at this damn age, it’s, it’s hard for brothers to, like, especially you, y’all, y’all are all gifted in your own right? Like, y’all all can move y’all, y’all all CEOs and bosses. So how did you guys come together and, and still remain together and stay humble even though y’all all move like.

I mean, and, and that’s the part, man, that’s the part you work on every day. , that’s the part you work on every day. I mean, like, it’s, it’s not, it’s not easy, but that’s why I said it’s, it’s family, you know what I’m saying? Like family or fight and, and, and cuss each other out and say, I love you the next day.

So like that’s, to me, that’s the difference between, you know stuff that’s not organic and, you know, you come together with a certain outcome in mind. Like, we didn’t come together with a outcome. You know what I’m saying? We just came together. This is what God put together and we just learning to work together, learning to build one another up, man.

So man, this, this is, this is God’s work. So. But it’s a fight. It’s a fight lot. Like what you saying? You brought us some good points, . Yeah. Yeah. I, I could imagine some of you look, y’all, y’all in the war room together, like, oh, hold on. Wait a minute, . Oh no, we done, we done fought and, and, and, and, and blessed each other out and all that good stuff.

But that’s, I mean, but that’s what family, so mm-hmm. . It’s all love, man. It’s all love, man. Up to my brothers. Well, we love the whole fam man. I mean, even today when focus is like, oh no, we got one more. I’m saying. Oh. Oh yeah. The family is deep. This family is so deep. I want one k I wanna, I wanna eat one K dice.

Oh, that’s, that’s, I just want a new name. Just one K Dice. I love it. Yeah, just one. Yeah. One K Dice. 11. Yeah. Yeah. Anything where, where I gotta submit my name changed . It’s a website. No, I can’t tell you.

It’s a website and application and application free. Let’s go. Okay, let’s go. I’m here. I’m here for it. . So talk about talk, man. Listen, you’re such a great creative. Talk about, okay, first, how did you even get into music? So like, how did, what made you want to rap in the first place? I mean, we all grew up on hip hop, but to say, all right, I’m gonna hop in this music lane.

What was that first experience like and, and why did you want to hop into music? Man, I got started doing music from a disc track. It was a dude, one of, actually one of my friends. And he lived in a neighborhood across the street from my neighborhood. And he, he, he ended up making a song about me and my friends.

Like we all laughed at it was a joke, but, you know, we, you know, we had to retaliate and we made a, this song about him and his people and we never stopped rapping. Wow. dice that’s going back in the day. Dice. When, when you actually battled. Cause I’m about to say, right? Listen, my day I just went across the street like, Brooke, come on outside, man.

Step behind this. [00:15:00] It was, it was like, we was friends. It wasn’t, it wasn’t like, it wasn’t no beef type. It was, it was like funny. It was, and he was mention jokes and stuff. It was, oh God, okay. We got, we got something for that. We got something for , we got something for that. So we went back to the lab, made our own little version, and and that was that man, we just, we just kept it going.

And until God really stepped into my life, I, I did secular for. A number of years, but but the guy stepped in, man, that’s what we were doing. Hmm. That’s good. That’s, I love it. Listen, I was cracking up watching your videos. So what, what’s the inspiration behind your movie Making ? What video, what, what video?

You step on your Instagram. I was on your Instagram, going through your reels and different things like that. So you have a lot of different little clips and things on there. Yeah. What’s what, I mean, what, what’s the passion behind that? Oh man. I wanna see what I wanna see, if that makes sense. You know, we, we create the world that we wanna see.

That’s good. So I want to see what I wanna see, like, even, even like doing Christian rap, the reason, one of the reasons I started was I never heard anybody do Christian rap. Like, I didn’t, I didn’t grow up in church like that where, you know, I really heard a Christian rap song. It was later on to somebody interested me, like rap Zillow and all that other type of stuff.

But I, I know, I know God gave me a gift to rap. Cause like I said, I was doing secular and I really never heard anybody like rap Gospel. Mm. So I was like, okay, that’s what I’m gonna do, . And then when I got into it, I was like, oh, it’s a million other people. Oh dang. Ok. . Wow. . You’re not alone. You are not alone.

not alone at all. Yeah. It’s a tribe of us. There’s a tribe, there’s a remnant. Yeah. Talk a little bit more about your series that you got out now. Oh man, Mecca, the series out right now on YouTube Mecca is, is is for teenage young American adults man, who really, I feel like, don’t have any film to watch.

Like, I’m not finna watch War Room again. And I love God. . I don’t wanna wa I don’t wanna watch fireproof. Yeah. And I love God , you know what I’m saying? Like I, I just feel like we’re we’re underrepresented when it comes to the Christian film side. And really just trying to, really just trying to give us something to watch that we can really, truly, and honestly relate to.

That really looks like our life and our faith journey and our walk with God coming from the families that we come from and the places that we come from. That’s wonderful, man. No, that is amazing. He’s the, he’s, he’s the first person I ever heard say that, like definitely a first artist period. But I mean, I was sitting here thinking about it.

I’m like, you are right. You were so right. Look, God is not dead. I mean, it’s a lot of Christian film, but it’s like, I don’t feel like they, but they, they don’t represent us. They don’t represent what I do all day. Yeah, no. And represent. And I, and our faith walk is a little different from the demographic they trying to reach.

So is that something you’re looking to do more of? Are you looking to do more you know series like this and maybe even go into doing like movie productions like this and to show that more? Definitely, yeah. I feel, I, I feel like that’s, that’s kind of my, my natural progression because like, like I, I love writing, so, and then I wanna tell a story, like, I wanna rep, I wanna represent us.

I want people to see us, see how we find God in our, in our circumstance and our, in our demographic. So where do you, where do you draw your inspiration to write from? What, what does that come from? Like, do you have certain producers, writers that you look up to to kinda like, draw inspiration from them? Or is it just all like, you know, a creative space that you kind of go into?

Yes. And you just kind of get to writing? Man, it’s, it’s, it’s a million great directors and writers out there, man. They, and they’re amazing. Like, I mean, we came up watching them from Ice Cube. I mean, even to, you know, your modern day, your Ryan Kubler, and just people who did amazing stuff, man. People who did, who, who did real amazing stuff.

And but life really inspired me because all I’m doing is telling what I have seen, or, you know what I’m saying, sharing those stories of the people who, who grew up with me or who the people who I know personally and stuff like this has happened in their real life. It’s, I’m not trying to make up or fabricate anything, you know what I’m saying?

I really wanna show what it’s like for, for an 18, 19 year old dude from the hood to find God and, and how that really, really truly looks. And you know what I’m saying? His daily walks is UPS and his down. You know, his and questioning God days. I wanna show everything, you know what I’m saying? What’s next for you for ministry?

Man, I, I feel like it’s, it’s more ministry in you, man. I feel like, man, you, you like a street preacher man. A street pastor in, in a sense. Do you feel like God is calling you to do something in the ministry or you connected to your, your local church in some form or fashion? I got Crossover Church, atl pastor by Scott Free.

Ok man. So shout out, shout out to the family and whatever, whatever God have me do you know, I, I’ll try my best to answer that call, but I do believe it’s, you know, it’s, it’s, it’s deeper than, you know, it’s deeper than making music and videos and stuff like that. It’s like, God, God really, you know, has a, a major call on a lot of our lives and I know he got one on me.

So, man, just pray for me and I want to answer the call whenever you call me and. But until then, if we gonna spread this gospel through, you know, this music and this this media and everything else we got going, I think you’re on the right path. You’re obviously with the right team, mm-hmm. , who would you want, who would you wanna partner with next?

You know, whether it be with the music, whether it be tv, I mean, like where, where could you see yourself, you know, go, you know, like whether it’s a company or, yeah, just anything. Yeah. Pure flick, Netflix. I wanna, I wanna do some flicks, some. So so definitely Pure Flex. Shout out. Pure Flex. But ultimately, man, I want, I want this thing to the masses.

Mm. Yeah. Okay. So you said Pure Netflix. Netflix. Netflix. Netflix. Tuby, whoever, , whoever will have us. Man, I really wanna, I really want to get it out to the masters and just, and like, just show, show us. Show us show how, how, you know, how we come to God. Yeah, man. You’re right. That’s, yeah, you’re right. Listen, listen, before we get you outta here, man, talk about your latest single outstanding.

Oh, man. Outstanding right now, man. Every outlet just saying I feel good. I feel great. God got me. I know, I know. I’m, I know I’m good. I know I’m gonna be all right. You know what I’m saying? So I’m feeling outstanding how y’all. Listen, I love it. And congratulations on all that God is doing in your life, and we definitely wanna be pushing whatever you got going on.

So whatever the new heat is, we wanna be on your team with that for sure. So, absolutely. Absolutely. Listen, listen, Chris, can you tell the people how they can connect with you, how they can follow you on all your social media platforms, stream your music, and as well, introduce your latest single, okay at one K, Chris, Elijah, everyone.

Chris elijah.com. Go to Google, whatever your search engineers go to. Chris, Elijah, everything up, man. Shout out to the fix radio, man. Y’all know what time it is, man. Shout out to the family. Appreciate it right now, man. Y’all finna check out Elijah, outstanding. Keep it locked. You tuned in to the fix and the fix is in.

Get tuned back into the Fix You’re source of Faith infused hip hop, r and b and poetry right here on Sirius xm, channel 1 54 Holy Culture Radio, DJ Focus and Dice Gamble. Checking back in and listening. Time for a real talk topic. And today dice gonna take us on a health journey. I feel like Dice, dice gonna take us to a place we didn’t want to go to, but we gonna go to Dice, you know what I’m saying?

Listen, I’m gonna get free, you know, like I always do today, y’all. So, you know, I, this is, this has been an ongoing process for me with this Health Journey situation. And so I, I, listen, I’m, I’m, I’m calling on my sis right now. She’s been doing a great job of always telling me about just different, giving me different suggestions and tips on, Hey, maybe cut back on this or maybe eat this and that.

So when, when you, when you think, why do you think so many people don’t focus? I, I would say, I’m not gonna say so many people, but I, I think a lot of people, at least in the Midwest, I’m, I’m gonna talk Midwest right now. Yeah. Cause I feel like when you go down south and when you go to the west, You see people who are physically fit, you know, everybody’s body.

Of course they’re on the beach more. But when you come up to this Midwest, let me tell you, we, we, we got, we got stuff to stick to you up here, . You ain’t saying nothing, bro. I mean, definitely, you know, moving from Atlanta. To Chicago. It’s like it just got worse. . It was just like, not only do y’all have the food, but you have so many options.

Like this is people come here for the food. Like there’s a whole food festival that people come and travel from all over the world to come here to eat and taste. So when you have all those options, man, you have to have some discipline. Bud. I’ll be honest with you, focused all, almost everybody in my family, they’re probably, I don’t know, overweight.

They definitely do not eat healthy. I mean, they are not going to the gym. I don’t know. I have my sister, I have one sister out of my whole big family that I know she actually gets up and works out and actually eats. Right? I even went to my cousin’s funeral you know this past let’s see, last year and at the funeral they had.

You know, the regular funeral food, you know how we do as blacks, we got the food and you know, I’m walking, trying to figure out my plate. And of course it had all vegetables on it. My uncle was like, why eating like a rabbit? Why eating like a rabbit ? Like, I’m like, can’t I just eat at the funeral the way I want to eat?

You know, but it’s a, it’s, it’s a big thing in our family, like food. equates to love. And that’s how I was raised. Like every time you came in the house, the first question, and this like, maybe it was just like that hood thing, you know, where, you know, we don’t have a lot, but we going to eat. You know what I’m saying?

Like, we gonna have some food. And every time I went to anybody’s house, did you eat? Did you eat today, baby? What you got? You know, my grandma always had anything on the stove from, you know, beans, greens, bread, meats, you know, and. That was, that was just the way that people show love growing up. So for me, I’ve always had this struggle with food.

The only thing that’s ever stopped me from really going overboard is genetics. My father’s very skinny. He ha he has a high metabolism. I have a high metabolism, you know, and I, I just have this thing where I could just eat. My grandmother used to say, I don’t even know where you’re putting all that. And then she used to say, you eat somebody outta house and home.

You know what I’m saying? , like, that’s, that’s that old school saying like, if y’all old school, you may, maybe you’ve heard that where you got a kid that just eats constantly, they in the refrigerator, they up all night eating, they just hungry. And the food, you don’t even know where it’s going on. ’em, they just putting it, putting it away.

But you know, these habits, man they catch up with you. You know, like we couldn’t get up from the table without eating all our food. You know what I’m saying? Like, and yeah, back in the day, you think that that’s a discipline that you’re trying to teach your children. But if you are feeding them, Unhealthy food, and then you put that discipline on top of that, well, you’re actually creating a, a problem.

And guess what? We, we didn’t know growing up, you know, about the pyramid and how much stuff you should really be eating from your, you know, meat, vegetables and, and all that. But I’ll say this I am on a health kick, and so we’re gonna run through some things that you can do if you’re trying to get better.

If you just, like, I’m not trying to be a, a weightlifter, a bodybuilder like you guys, I’m trying to just, you know, be a little bit healthier. Well, we know first thing we wanna do water. That’s number one. Anytime you ever go to if you’ve ever been to a hospital or, or if you’re ever like going to an appointment and you know your doctor, they, they usually always suggest like, your fluids, you know the brain is 80% water, so you need to start thinking about your body as a whole.

Like, I need to make sure that I’m getting in at least my eight glasses of water and people, oh, I hate water. Oh, I don’t taste, I don’t like, I hear that all the time. Water is gross. You know, I can’t drink water all day. Well, guess what? You’re, you’re made of. So you need to be putting water back in. And I don’t mean water, like I have five cokes and I know they’re water based.

It’s like every Coke that you drink, every Pepsi that you drink shuts down your immune system for four hours just so your pancreas can process the sugar. Hmm. So, so put that into perspective. So when you, as we all know, when my immune system is lower, I’m more susceptible to disease. So if I’m around people coughing or they sick, or they got this or that, but I’m still just throwing back the sugar sh you know, putting the sugar in me.

It, my risk of catching something is, is higher. And so it’s like, you, you, you gotta start doing research, but here’s the deal. You know, of course one coke soda ain’t gonna kill you. It is definitely when you’re constantly making your body process something that it is, is is human like humans created. So it’s, that’s not in as natural state.

So you know, we, we, we definitely wanna be careful about that. Drink more water. And here’s the thing, I’m gonna tell you what I do. Lemon lime melon, like throw something up in that water. Cucumber, you know, like you could put it in your glass and just let it kinda, you know, infuse your water. You can add a little stevia, or some people wanna add a little honey, little maple syrup.

That’s better than you drinking soda after soda, after soda, after soda, after soda. Like, find a way to flavor your water, you know, they got that little powdery packs at Walmart or target Costco, wherever that you can add to your water to give your water a little bit of flavor and and not the sugar.

That’s a huge one. Focused. Obviously I have a, a big jar. I mean a big container, you know, a big 32 house over here. I carry it with me. Like, you know, you wanna talk about health? Here’s another trick that you can do. If you know you need to work out, take you a gallon of water with you all day, curl that, curl, that thing, you know what I’m saying?

Like, just like if, you know, even if you’re sitting down, maybe you, you’re not able to get up and do a lot of running and you’re like, man, I need to be drinking water and I need to be working out. I know. You know, go ahead and let’s do some curls each side with that water and then drink some of it and do that all day.

Like, make that be your regimen. Like, I’m gonna make myself run through this gallon of water. My exercise is gonna be, I’m gonna curl it, you know, and then it’ll be gone by the end of the day. And then you can get yourself pat on the back. You all right? ? Yep. Okay. Yeah bro. Yeah, so that, that, that’s that. But alright.

What about your water intake focus? How you doing on your water? I’m actually pretty good on my water. I do the fruit infused water. But, but I drink, I drink a lot of water. I think I, I’ve, I’ve gotten better. I used to drink a lot of Pepsi. Mm-hmm. I’ve gotten better with my coffee too as well. I, I was a big, have to add the flavor creamers to my coffee and of course that’s bad cause I drink three, four cups a day, coffee.

And if I’m adding, like you said, adding all that extra sugar to it. Mm-hmm. , so I’ve gotten better. My wife you know Helped me get better. She stopped buying the creamers for me, so I got used to drinking black coffee. So I actually like black coffee now. Every now and then I might get a, a flavored coffee, like a pecan or they have like the pecan coffee or flavored coffee, or it’s another one I like, I think vanilla bean.

Yeah. So I’ll get those and I’ll just drink my coffee straight, literally just with that little flavor that they add to the fr to the bean itself. Yeah. I like to get fresh coffee you know, and write it down. So I, that, that was the biggest thing for me in the morning. I, I’m a big coffee drinker, and then, especially when I was stopping and getting coffee, I used to stop every morning before I started making it at home.

Mm-hmm. at like gas station. And, and then of course that’s when the Reesey cups came in. So I would give ’em a cup of coffee, , I’d give me some risi cups. So I, yeah, I re I realized that that wasn’t good. It wasn’t good. I’m, I’m doing that ev almost every day. I’m being honest every day. And it wasn’t good for our finances either.

Cause I thought, I’m like, wow, look what I’m spending all this coffee in these reesey cups a day. And you do that times, you know what I’m saying? 30 days or how many, how many days you go to work, it’s like, wow, that’s a a hundred bucks that you spent just on that. And it’s like, it’s nothing. It’s a cup of coffee and it’s, it’s reesey cups.

So, Yes. I, I, I, I do, I do pretty well though now on my water. I, I drink a lot of water. I, I probably just need to kick it up a little bit more. Mm-hmm. , because I need to start to do more of the detox. It’s like Yeah. You talk about Yeah. And kinda, you know, get clean some of this stuff outta my body. Yeah. I mean, another, another little tip, man, is to get you some water in the bottle, freeze it, throw one in your bag with you on your way out in that day, you know, of the day.

And just like, put, put a couple in your car, but like, you know, You have to put it in front of you. This is another big one. For people, it’s like, I’m not gonna do anything that’s not in front of me. You know, like, so if I, if I, if I’m not consciously ma, you know, labeling my water or saying, Hey, you gonna drink these three today?

So just go on and put ’em in your backpack or take ’em with you, like, you know, just, just start to put things in front of you to, as a rem as a reminder, but listen. The water thing regulates your body temperature helps to lubricate your joints. For those of you who got these achy joints, you know, it helps you to use the bathroom better.

And it, you know, it helps to kind of cleanse your system out. So obviously the Lord created water , you know what I’m saying? Like, so this is like a no-brainer. So you really should start, you know, trying to change if you wanna detox, if you wanna be healthier, you always wanna start with, you know what a, what a God, give me the basics.

Raining down this water for me. All right, man. So listen let’s, let’s just slightly touch on this one then. I know we gotta go to a break. Sleep. This is one people don’t wanna do is getting enough rest. The body heals when it’s at rest. They give you your brain time to, you know, recharge and eliminate toxins and you know, everything.

Like you get to power up when you go to sleep. So if you are, if you need healing, you know, if you’re sick, you know if you’re challenged or like, and you can definitely ask people who are going through therapies and chemos and things like that, rest is a huge part of the body healing up. You have to sit still long enough and stop burning off the extra energy and allow your body time to come back together and, and heal itself.

So focus on sleep. We’re on water and sleep, giving you these tips on how to detox and get healthier right here on the fix. Listen, we gotta go to break. We’ll be right back. DJ focus and dice gamble. Keep it locked. You tuned into. And the fixes in the two back into the fix your source of faith infused hip hop, r and b and poetry.

Right here on series XM trying to walk 54 Holy Culture Radio. Tapped in with the fixed squad. You already know DJ focusing Dice Gamble. Yeah. Yeah. And it’s getting real dices dice. Got this fucked talking about health today. And I promise you, I said I’ve been daydreaming about some Marios. She, she over here just talking about this healthy, healthy stuff.

Broccoli, cottoner, tomatoes, enemy has put Oreos in my spirit. You know, I saying . No, but, no, but seriously you were hitting on some, some good things. You talked about water, the importance of water. Yeah. Of also being able to get the rest you properly need. Mm-hmm. so that your body, your brain and everything that’s you need to flow and function.

It gets its, rest it, it’s making sure it’s flowing properly. So No, I know, I know we hurt somebody’s feelings right now, but I know that this is connecting with somebody who needs to hear, I need to be drinking more water. I need to put the sodas down, you know, I need to go ahead and cleanse out my system.

I need to go to bed. I don’t need to be up on my cell phone, you know, scrolling through the internet to see what I missed at 1130 at night. No, you need to go on to sleep, you know, and here’s the deal, sometimes you might have to communicate that, like I’m on my on this detox and this workout right now, and I had to share with my husband, like, honey, my bedtime, I, I gotta be in bed by nine 30 because I gotta be up at three 30.

So I cannot be waiting for the movie to be over with at 11. You know? We got, we we gotta go to bed. Especially if you wanna spend time with me. Eight 30 is when you need to come on upstairs from the man cave. Okay? Okay. Hey, I’m just letting you know I’m out the shower at eight brother. I’ll see you. Hey, eight 30.

If you ain’t here, listen, I’m wrapping it up. I’m going, Hey, I’m gonna do my stretches and I’m going on out until the next day. So you might have to, you might have to communicate these things with people, but here, guess what? People will start to take you seriously, cuz it’s another trick of the devil. You don’t tell nobody what you’re doing, so nobody holds you accountable.

Like, focus I’ve been sharing with you. I’m like, Nope. I’m on a third day detox. Okay, I got the 90 day workout. Like, I’m, I want, I want you to know, so when you see me, if I’m over here, you know, eating somebody ain’t supposed to be eating or drinking, somebody ain’t supposed to be drinking. You be like, I thought, I thought you said you was on the

Yeah. You gotta share it with people. Like, this is where I see myself. And you need to be looking in the mirror saying, okay, you, you’ve been holding me back, but I’m gonna, I’m gonna teach you something today. Like, we gonna do something different. You know, you really have to talk yourself into the change.

It can’t just be, it’s in your brain. Oh, I’ll try to drink more water when I sit down at the restaurant. I’ll order water I’ll drink my water first. No, no, no. You go on and get that 1224 pack of water. Put it in the refrigerator on the top shelf right there in your face. Soon as you open it, boom. Did you drink any one of these today?

All right, so let’s get into this Sugars. Processed food. All the things we love. Anything that was put together by humans. We just love to eat it. , listen, listen. Lemme say first place, the processed foods. You said that was very important when you talked about, you know, you first started to tell me that you wanted to go on this faith journey.

Yeah. You wanted to detox your body and you said, you know, you wanted to make sure you told me these things. Yeah. Hold you accountable. You, you build you and your husband had, have built my wife and i’s faith. You, you know, you sent us a video a couple days ago, and it was very powerful. It, it was seriously a and my, me and my wife sat in the car and we watched that thing and we prayed and we was like, wow.

Because we didn’t even think that, you know, that little just blessing that we bless y’all with Oh bro. But that y’all would take it to it, it, it really just showed us that you. You, you, you get encouraged when you see stuff like that. Cuz to me, I, I felt like that wasn’t enough. I told you and I, I text you back.

Say, listen, I’m, I’m gonna get to where I, I know I need, you gotta shit. No, bruh, listen, this is, do that video and, and say, you know what? Appreciate, it’s a trick of the, it’s a trick of the enemy, man. The, the enemy gets us to shut up. Right? That is it. Right? That’s it. Like, that’s why the Bible says the power of life and death.

It’s in the tongue. It’s like I have to communicate where I am, where I’m trying to go and what it really is. That’s how change comes about. And anything, diet, detox, regular life, finances, relationships, I have to let go of. And really let the enemy know, no, I’m about to start confessing some different things over my life, but I’m also gonna have to tell folk what it really is so that people will know how to pray for me.

How? How are you gonna know how to pray for me if I act like everything’s okay? Oh, how you doing Dicece? Everything’s fine. Everything’s fine. How you doing Dicece? Everything’s fine. Everything’s fine. Then you see on the news, you know, and what? I’m losing my mansion and I got, you know, I’m in jail for tax evasion, you know what I’m saying?

like, every time I talk to her, she says she was fine. You know, if I knew she was, you know, jacked up, we could have prayed for it differently. We, you know, we could have asked God for something different for them. You know what I’m saying? So it’s like I don’t wanna miss my blessings. And that’s what I’ve learned in life is people will shut they mouth up because the enemy keeps saying, oh, don’t say nothing.

That’s embarrassing. Oh, don’t say nothing cuz they know you ain’t gonna do that. Oh, don’t say nothing cuz you shouldn’t have done that. You stupid you don’t like. That’s what the enemy will, the enemy will keep you in your house all day long. And I know some of y’all are stuck like that where you think you can’t go do nothing cuz the enemy.

Oh, don’t go to the gym cuz they gonna laugh at you. Let me give you a good example. I was about 50 pounds heavier than I am right now. And we were in South Carolina and I was going to the gym with my son Noah. And literally I was winded. We had to park far away and I was winded like just walking to the gym.

And he had his basketball and I knew he was ready to go on the basketball court. And I told him, I said, man, I’m gonna come out there and hoop at you cuz you know, I’m, I’m all right. And My clothes, they were fitting me, you know? And I’m looking at my reflection in the mirror as I’m walking to the gym and I, and I’m like, man, I am outta shape.

My stomach’s all big, you know? And I, and I, we stopped at the door and I said, Noah, I said, man, I’m sorry that you gotta be in here with me looking like this. And he said, mom, it’s a gym. He said, he said, you won’t make a difference. This is where we supposed to be. And I needed that from him. Like after that I was like, boom.

Like in his simple conversation with me was like, we we fat. We supposed to be at the gym. Like he’s not fat, but I’m just saying like you Yeah. Yeah. You overweight, you’ve been eating too much. You’ve been sitting at at the couch, you ain’t been doing nothing. You’ve been recording and eating. Recording.

That’s it. Yeah. You can’t breathe going up the three flights of steps that you want in your house. Yeah. We need to be right up in here. And matter of fact, I’m here with you. You my mama, let’s go. I’m going to the basketball court and now you go on upstairs and get on the treadmill. But it’s just like you have to.

You’re gonna have to be vulnerable with somebody who’s gonna be in your corner supporting you and cheering you on. Like, yeah, okay, we don’t care. We in the big section shopping. That’s where we at now. Go on and buy you a, a medium or a small, take it home and hang it up in the bathroom and every time you walk in the bathroom you go, I’m getting that, I’m gonna getting that, I’m gonna getting in, that I’m getting at like you, it, it’s okay to be where you at right now in life.

And I know I’m on my rant tangent, but I’m just being honest. Like that’s why I love sharing where we, where we are in life with people. Cuz I’m like, I want people to know, yeah, everything looks great when you log on. It looks perfect, don’t it? It ain’t perfect. I don’t even want it to be perfect, you know?

Cuz I wanna keep growing. I wanna keep growing, I wanna keep teaching people how to be better. And I wanna know, I want other people to know that, hey, I got through that. You can get through that. I got through that. You can get through that too. Nah, nah. The the devil is lie. I beat that. You can beat that too.

You know, like, but as, as Christians, I just feel that we have a responsibility and accountability thing that needs to be happening more with our health, finances, wealth, mental state. Like yeah, let’s get everybody involved. So don’t give me on my tangent about eating right and all that cuz I’m like, you know, I have family I can’t even go on vacation with cuz they can’t walk.

Can you go climbing with me? Can you go to Yellowstone? No, it’s frustrating. So I’m like, nah, the devil’s alive. We can do better. We can do better. And I, but I have to set the example, you know, I can’t be the one out here, you know, can’t do it. You know, so that’s why I’m like, I am, I’m like, I’m on it. And. I think I was sharing this with you focused like our training before we went to Haiti, because we had to go up in the mountains and if you’ve ever had to climb mountains that are real mountains, there’s nothing to grab onto.

You know, it ain’t gonna be no , you know, railing . And so right before we went on our trip, I had to pack my backpack, fill it full heavy things. I take the kids to the park, let the kids run around and play. And I just did laps and I ran up hills and ran down hills with my boots on my, my timms and that bag really heavy to get myself ready.

But it taught me a lesson that. There’s gonna be some places the Lord wants you to go. And the only reason you wouldn’t be able to go there is cuz you can’t handle it physically. So you’ve gotta trick yourself and say, you know, I’m, I’m, I’m gonna get all my blessings like Uhuh, you know what I’m saying?

Like, just train yourself. You never know what you’re gonna be up against in the future. You know, I got grandkids on the way. You got grandkids. I don’t have grandkids on the way like that I know of, but I know in the future. And I was like, man, if I can’t get up my steps right now without breathing heavy, what, how I’m gonna do that?

When I got a two year old or a three-year-old, you know, , it’s like, no, I wanna, I, you know, come on grandma, can you, you know, I’m just like, I can I, what? I can’t even chase him, you know, cuz I don’t have the so I was like, no, the devil’s a lie. I want a better future. And so I just, I’ve learned to be like, Lord, like show me what my future looks like and then I’m gonna start training for that right now.

That’s good. Can you talk a little bit about these processed foods? Yeah, I’m sorry. Real. All right, fine. Let’s talk about that start. So, here, here’s, here’s an easy one to change. Everybody love cheese. I love cheese. As a 95% vegan, it’s hard to not love cheese. You know, like, but they have great vegan options for cheese.

I’m not saying you go for the vegan option, but the processed cheese is way worse for you. So if you love Velveeta, switch it on over to the solid bricks. I know you’re like, ah, the bricks are cheese. Yes. Take it to the deli. Let them slice your cheese that’s processed the regular way, not a way that somebody’s mixed it up and added preservatives to it.

The preservatives are preservatives. They’re hard for your body to digest, so, all right. Yeah. So if you know you a cheese lover, listen and the little plastic, you open up all that plastic, nah, start getting the slices of cheese. That’s just the easier way to, okay, I’m not gonna give up my cheese, but I’m gonna switch and make it where it’s healthier.

You know, you make a macaroni and cheese, get the bricks, and then go ahead and get that shredded up at the house. You know, like even the cheese in the bags, the shredded, it has processed, it has a preservatives in it. So a lot of people don’t know that. They’re like, I’m gonna go get these three bags and make my mac and cheese.

Do like grandma did take, go get that cheese anyway. Next. Let’s talk about the the, the sugars. So, I mean, we already know sugar is not the best for you. You know, we kind of touched on it in our last thing, but here’s the deal. It affects your liver. It man, it just adds into you being more diabetic or, or it contributes to obesity in a major, major way.

So, fi add more fruits. Let’s just get into the regular stuff. Like fi find more natural sugars. Like just, if you know you like your candy bars or your whatever kind of candy it is, switch over to your, yeah, your watermelons, your melons, your apples, like your grapes. Put them grapes in the freezer. Y’all know about them frozen grapes.

They’re from Gregson Delicious. So like, find ways to just say, I can have all this, I can slice up as many at green apples, or, Apples that I want, throw my little lemon juice on them, make the apple pop better. And I can have as many apples as I want in a day. Burst as me going to get my Twinkies or my Snickers or my Debbie cakes, you know, or even a half of the pound cake, you know, that I want.

And it’s, here’s the thing, give yourself a ti a time to cheat. Like I told you this focus, I said Sunday’s my cheat day. Don’t ask me what I’m eating. You know, it’s none of your business. But I, I know that I’m going to be on point se six days of the week and if I have a weak moment, it will be on Sunday.

You know, like if, if, which is harder for me cuz I’m more Jesus focused on Sunday. So I set myself up like that. But you know, give yourself a day to say, Hey, if I work out all week, I drink my water all week, I eat my fruit all week. I might have a piece of cake or two on, on Sunday, maybe I will. But at least that way you’re not stressed when you’re trying to change your diet.

But let’s talk about probiotics real quick. Yogurts and stuff like that. Like, it’s an easy way to add to your gut health, you know, like Even tomatoes and bananas and, and garlic will keep your digestive system going. But if you know you have a problem, cuz some people don’t like, you know, to eat really healthy cuz they’re concerned about their how it comes out and all that.

But it’s like, we need to work on your digestive health. So adding the buttermilk based things, that’s even better. That’s a, you know, like a fermented type of milk. Like I said, your yogurts, your sour creams and things like that. Like, and here’s the. What is it that goes on the sausage? Dia shredded ca The fermented cabbage is sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut. So your sauerkrauts, your pickles, anything that’s kind of sat in some vinegar. You know how your grandmother used to do the onions, tomatoes, and your grandmother did that? Yeah. Boom. So if you like, how can I help my gut health? That’s an easy one. Slice up whatever. My husband likes cucumbers. He said, my grandma do cucumbers.

I said, not my grandma, but we’re gonna do tomatoes, onions in his cucumbers, in the, in the garlic. You know, you can put some seasonings in there and have that with your food and that will help your digestion, but also get your gut healthy. And here’s a, here’s a, here’s a major thing with people who are trying to change their health.

And then we can end it on this. Cause I know we only got a couple minutes. We have to start somewhere. Every disease stems typically from your gut, your lower gut. Mm. Because things just sit, like, think about that. It’s just all, all this, you know, your body’s cleansing, cleansing, cleansing, cleansing. So it’s important to really take care of your gut health more than anything.

At least do a, a cleanse or drink you some green juice. You, we, we talk about it all the time. Focused, you know, coming up with a green concoction and, you know, blending or juicing that thing up and throwing that back once a week just to keep your gut health clean. If you are on meds, if you’re taking medicine, if, cuz there could be medicines that you need or your body’s low and you need to start taking vitamins, you have to clean your gut or otherwise that stuff can never get absorbed correctly.

So that’s the one thing that a lot of people don’t. Work on that gut health. Add some yogurt in that diet. You know, eat that with your cereal or your breakfast. Just do it. Don’t think about it. You know, put your little fruits, vegetables, and some vinegar. Eat that with your dinner or your lunch. Don’t think about it.

Just do it. And that will continue to clean your, your system out. And then your body can absorb all the nutrients and the, you know, vitamins and stuff you’re trying to throw in there. So that’s it for that piece. We need to go ahead and pay some bills. We do , DJ Focus and Dice Gamble. Keep in locked, get tuned into the fix.

And the fix is in. Get tuned back into the Fix Your Source of Faith Infused Hip Hop, army and poetry right here on Sirius X M, channel 1 54 Holy Culture Radio. And you know, we appreciate y’all listening to us today, who come to the end of another hot. Listen, this, this conversation you had today. Dykes on Health and getting my body right cause I feel like she was talking to me.

So I’m a, I’m a I’m, I’m gonna work more. I need to work more on getting my body right. I struggle with exercising. I do a little walking around our little neighborhood. I had some, some issues with my leg, my left leg. So that kind of stopped me from playing basketball because that was really what I enjoyed doing.

Like, I could go hoop three, four times a week. Yeah. And that would be like my, you know, my little exercise for the week. But I, I need to get back. I just gotta. Continue to push through it and you know, eat better. I think too as well. What’s been helping me too as well is cleaning out my body. Yeah. When you talk about and we didn’t talk about it, but we can talk about it a little bit briefly now.

I think greens, yes. You need to add more greens to your diet. Adam and I started adding more spinach and kale and salads mm-hmm. that I was able to, you know, get my body a lot more cleaner and yeah. Having a little bit more energy. We talk about the green drinks mm-hmm. Making sure you have that. So yeah, that’s very, very important.

And even with anybody who might be struggling with some inflammation in their legs or their arms and stuff like that, that’s something that I think a lot of people who are overweight. Struggle with too as well. So yes, the water the detox mm-hmm. , the green, the veggies, you need more of it. Less fried foods.

And, and Lord knows I love some fried fish. Why? Why would he do that to me? Mm. Listen, air fryer, I, I’m killing an air fryer. Come on. My mom, I bought her air fryer, she stopped using her oven. Like you, you know that air fryer works better coat whatever you got with oil, you know, they got a little sprayer, like we got the little spray pumps.

You spray the oil on over that, throw it in the air fryer, less galleries, but you get the outside crispy. Come on. There’s so many ways to work on being healthier, you know, and sometimes you just need something deep fried. I know I will go get a french fry in a minute when I’m having a deep fried craving, but we can’t do that every day.

Just put it on in the oven, you know, bake your chicken or whatever you trying to bake. You know, for me it’s tofu, but I like it in the air fryer. But the point is , Hey, listen. If you know better, do better. And honestly, that’s just who we are as people. You can’t keep doing what you used to do and expect a different result.

And it’s hard for us to change. But listen, if we wanna have a healthier life, you know, longevity, we wanna be around our friends and family a little bit longer, you know, see what God has for us. You know, we need to show up as our best self. And like I said, we just went over some basics today. Water sleeping, you know, reducing the sugar and processed foods, you know, just to help our liver, help our kidney, help our brain, you know?

And and pro probiotics, you know, yogurts and things like that. Just adding those to our diets, you know, and ob obviously reducing the salt. We know salt causes swelling, you know, so it’s like, you know, high blood pressure and heart disease, diabetes and things like that run deep in the black community.

And they’re just some things that we can’t change. It’s like, it’s the history of our food sometimes how we cook and how we’re cooking it. But there are a lot of healthier ways to make your food now. You know, you adding in the, you know, coconut aminos and your little liquid smokes and stuff. You don’t have to put the whole ham hawk in something, you know, like you can switch up some things and move and move a little bit.

I’ll give you this and then I’ll go, I had a friend of mine, she was, she’s really overweight. Like she would get in our back in the backseat of our van and, you know, couldn’t put the seatbelt on, but it’s my sister. And one day we were at our house and obviously her room is trashed and she’s laying on the bed and she’s like, oh God, I gotta do laundry today.

Mm-hmm. . And she said, I just don’t feel like getting up, like literally at that, you know, I don’t, I I might just stay here in this bed. And and I told her, I said, look, you, you got something on the floor, on the left side of the bed. Roll over, grab it, got something on the right side of the bed. Roll over, grab it.

And you sit there and do that stretch until you get as much as you can get picked up, that’s around you, you know. And then when you’re done with that, then we go ahead and sit up, you know, and then we lean down and we grab and just keep scooting over and grab and scooting. Get active. Everything doesn’t have to be this high powered, go to the gym, you know, lift thir 300 pounds.

Well, I’m at 3 85. That’s how I got a hernia too. Be careful doing that. But the point is, everything don’t have to be super strong. It’s just about you moving your joints, your joints. You need to move so you can sing your bend, do your stretches. You ain’t even gotta get out your bed. Like you can do your arms and your legs.

Lean up, do some sit-ups, you know, like put your feet down, like do some toe touches. So I just wanna encourage our audience, like, start where you are, you know, and just do a little more each day and get a little bit better each day. And I promise you’ll feel a lot better. You know, like six months from now you’ll be like, wow, I just started.

I didn’t think about how hard it could be, how hard it used to be, how much, you know, other people think about me and where I am. Who cares? Like it’s, it’s about you spending time with you, becoming the better you, and just add one thing a day to your life. Maybe tomorrow I, I’ll add two cups of water. Okay.

Maybe the next day I won’t eat my little daddy cakes. Okay. You know, maybe the next day I will add some yogurt to my diet. Yeah. Just one day at a time, you know, hit up the Walmart, go buy one healthy thing. If you ain’t ever bought nothing healthy, be like, you know what? I’m gonna go get these baked lays instead of these fried lays.

I’m still gonna eat my potato chips, you know, but I’m gonna switch it from the deep fried one to the baked ones. Like, it doesn’t have to be this huge thing, but start somewhere, y’all know, tiptoe on into your summer body, you know, and, and it’s a, it’s a tiptoe cuz this is definitely it’s not a 100 yard dash.

This is definitely gonna be a little bit of a journey for all of us. You know, so, yeah. That’s it, man. No, that was good stuff and I think something that’s helping me and I’m getting better at it. Mm-hmm. , you don’t have to eat so much. , you know, we, we to, to your point, we’re, we’re used to, depending on where you come from mm-hmm.

and how your upbringing was. Mm-hmm. we’re used to these family style plates. That have double portions of everything on it. Yeah. And that’s something that I had to retrain my brain like, okay. Mm-hmm. , absolutely. I want that big plate, but I don’t have to eat all that. And, and we didn’t put no scriptures on it, but I’m gonna put a couple scriptures on it.

Put some, put some word glu itself and just over. Yeah. I gotta, I gotta put up first we gotta go to proper earth. Why you, why you gotta put on the, the hardest, the hardcore. Go ahead, bro. It’s the. Yeah, I’m sorry. Come on. What you want to give him? Go. You got No, no, no. We going, we go ahead. Come on, let’s tiptoe Tuesday.

We trying to tiptoe into some, some detox tips and some healthy tips, right? And we need to know why we need to do these things. Go ahead. What Proverbs 23, 20 and 21 warns us. Do not join those who drink too much wine or gorge themselves on meat for the drunker and the gluttons become poor in drowsiness with closing their rags.

Proverbs 28 and seven, declares, he who keeps the law is discerning to the son, but a companion of gluttony disgraces his father, Proverbs 23 and two. Proclaims, but a , oh my God. Put a knife to your throat. , if you are given to gluttony desires. So, of course, yes. Prove we, we know Proverbs. Anybody who knows Proverbs, it’s, it’s going to gut check you, but I think it’s necessary.

Sometimes we need to hear. It from that standpoint? No, no, we do, and and that’s why I said I, I’m getting free today too as well, cuz I struggle with this cuz I, I enjoy eating. Let’s just be very clear. Like, I’ve given up a lot of other things. So it’s like, food is like my only like, like, it’s almost like a recreation.

I hate to say it, . It’s, it’s, it’s, listen, I’m be honest with you. If you go to my Twitter right now two days ago somebody had tweeted, what’s your favorite sport? And I put. Right. Like I am with you on the food. It’s not about that. You enjoy it, it’s just about what you eat. Yeah. And so it’s like, I enjoy eating a lot, bro.

I do. So you just gotta trick yourself sometimes, you know, like add some more salad, like you were saying, like beef up on the, on that vegetable. Get, make yourself feel more full. And oatmeal for me does it in the morning, like when I know cuz I eat six to eight times a day. That’s just, that’s just my eat schedule for the program that I’m on.

And I know I want to eat a lot, but it, when I, when I pick up that oatmeal and I add peanut butter powder and oatmeal to my shakes, like I’m more full. I have to trick myself, you know, like, okay, no, you not hungry. You know what I’m saying? But I gotta put those filling things in there. Like the yams. The yams, like yams are a part of my meal plan.

They’re, they gimme the sweet, but they also make me feel more full and weighted down. So I’m not just trying to munch, munch, mush, munch on sweets. But no, listen, if you like to eat, eat, but change. All of what you’re eating, you know, like, all right, you can’t just keep eating everything you like to used to eat le eat a whole head of, of Romaine.

You know, add that in there and that will kind of curb your, you know, your, your hunger. Yeah. Mm-hmm. . Listen, we definitely appreciate y’all rocking when . Definitely shout out to our guests today. Chris Elijah from the one K fmo. Definitely goes straight. All his music, run them numbers up. You already know, man.

Everybody in the one K F. Just doing big things, powerful things. Something that I took from that dice. Mm-hmm. uh, From that interview, I was very it, it, I threw the question out at Chris and I, I think he answered it perfectly when you talk about how all of them have their own like purpose.

They’re all bosses in their own rights. Mm-hmm. . Mm-hmm. . And he was like, yeah, we all are, but we’re still brothers. Mm-hmm. and, you know, sometimes brothers fall out, but we still understand the assignment. Mm-hmm. that we were called to be together and work together. Yeah. You know, and build each other’s brand up individually.

That’s something that I love about the one k fa o Oh yeah. They, they build each other all up. We, we know one K few started the one, kk fa o but he, he, he literally shows love to everybody and everybody builds each other up. So I was very impressed by. Yeah. No, I I’m with you bro. I told you I won a one K in front of my name.

I wanna be a part of this . I do. Listen, listen you, you going have all, I can’t wait to, it’ll be like one K dice show. That’s my new listen dice about put out. I can’t wait for y’all. Oh man. About to. I’m excited. I’m excited. So listen, listen, we’ll be right back tomorrow Wednesday. We ain’t, we ain’t coming for hum Wednesday.

What? It is Wednesday tomorrow. But it’s Wednesday. What it do, ? Yes, we will, we’ll definitely be back tomorrow. Another great real talk topic, another exclusive interview. Y’all know how we do it. Listen, don’t touch that dial. I keep telling y’all. Just keep that, keep it locked. Right here on station 1 54 all day.

Right here on Sirius xm. Right. Only coach at radio. We have programs all day. Mm-hmm. that will touch you. Mixes music. We got it All right here. Just stop it, keep it locked right here. Listen, we we’ll see y’all tomorrow. Have a great day. Remember to stay focused on turning your negative into a positive.

Jesus is the answer. Kingdom advancement to fixes end and we out Be sure.

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