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What Is Holy Culture Radio?:
Holy Culture Radio is a Christian internet radio network that provides to its listeners, quality Christian Hip Hop, Christian Rap, and Urban Gospel (R&P) mixshows/podcasts.

What We Play:
On our mixshows you’ll hear a great number of songs that can be considered Christian by content. We also play a small number of songs created by artists who are Christians whose material doesn’t fall neatly into the Christian category. However, we are confident that all songs featured in our mixshows are permissible for believers to listen to. Furthermore, many of the projects provide a great deal of inspiration, edification, and were selected with the Christian listener in mind!

Reaching the DJs

Show Contact Contact Email
CLE Radio Doc Watson
Corelink Radio Trig / Odiggity
Da Power Hour Mixshow DJ DMO
Didactions with D.A. Horton D.A. Horton
Holla-Fest Radio Preach dat Fire
Honor and Glory Radio G-Wade
Hype Radio Network Chris Chicago
Madness Mixshow with DJ Eklectic DJ Eklectic
N.I.F.T.Y. Christian Show Nifty
Rap Fest Radio Bert Bocachica
The Gathering Kerry
The Genesiz Lounge Brotha’ L. Scott
The Ham Sandwich Show Sean Slaughter
Z180 Radio Zerub


How to Listen to Holy Culture Radio:
To listen to our mixshows, simply click on either of the two logos below. If you do not currently have iTunes installed on your computer, then click on the Blogger icon below.

Download / Listen Via iTunes

Listen to Holy Culture Radio via iTunes
Listen to Holy Culture Radio via iTunes

How to Get Your Music on Holy Culture Radio and / or Schedule Interviews:

Please send us your songs via sendspace or yousendit encoded at 256kbps in mp3 format to holycultureradio@http://www.http://  Also include instrumental and acapella versions of the songs being submitted digitally.

*Make sure all mp3s are properly ID3 tagged. Filename should look something like this (artist name_song title_album title_.mp3

*It is important to understand that submitting your music to Holy Culture Radio does NOT guarantee airplay


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