3D – Official Album Release “Transparent”

“Transparent”, a new album set for release by artist 3D. Who is 3D? A man who has turned his life around and uses his music to preach the gospel. His life and testimony are an example of how great God is. God saved him from a life of crime. After being in and out of prison for 20 years, 3D has certainly fought his battles. With God’s help he overcame addiction as well as many other struggles.

The track Testimony is in fact the testimony of 3D. The beats are very mellow and easy to listen to. The bars and harmonies in the background add to this mood. However, the lyrics will get your attention. That’s where the real emotion is. As 3D reflects one’s life in verse, you get glimpses093 into who he was and who is now. You can sense the passion and heart he puts into sharing his testimony.

The other tracks on this album are just as passionate and emotional. Not only does 3D share his story. He never forgets to praise God for molding him into the person that he is now.