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Lust…the #1 drug for ministers

by Sean Slaughter

The #1 Drug

By now, we are all aware of Ambassador’s (Crossmovement) moral failure and some of us (such as myself) are still shocked, saddened, and praying. Personally, within the last 12 months I have been hearing about ministers having moral failures (read: sexin’) and just heard a fresh one yesterday. Question: what in the H-E double hockey sticks is going on?

This is not written in judgement but to discover why this is happening. One reason I believe this has become somewhat of an epidemic is because of the widespread failure and poor leadership of our national leaders. Unconsciously, they have made spirituality something we do when it is something we are.

In addition, I would like to point out some specific areas men (women too) need to focus on to tame the lust within us.

1.A meaningful relationship with God. This goes without saying. A poor spiritual relationship leads to a weak resistance to temptation.

2.Family before church/ministry (unless the church is the only family you have). The first thing God placed on earth is family. The temple came later. I am not dumping on church at all (I love my church), but giving all of your time and affection to the ministry and not to your wife and kids is not only dangerous but non-biblical (1 Timothy 3).

3.Accountability. I don’t think anybody likes this word because it could mean telling people what you’re doing or have done wrong. But having a friend to discuss life with might be one of the most important things as a Christian.

4.A good sexual/non-sexual relationship with your wife. If your relationship at home sucks, there will always be someone who thinks they can give you what you desire.

5.Have fun! Work hard, play harder. A dude told me that he stopped listening to jazz music to get closer to the Lord. What?! Why does following Jesus mean I have to be serious every waking moment of the day and not have any fun? Of course there are boundaries to the Faith but lets not be ridiculous. Super spirituality (i.e.: religiosity) will kill you in the end.

What are your thoughts? How can we successfully fight this temptation of lust? (Please give me ideas filled with substance and not church template answers).

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