90’s Hip Hop and The Incredible Healing Power of Music with Beanies and Snapbacks

Hello everyone, I’m your host, DJ Focus, and I’m thrilled to share with you the insights and experiences from our recent episode of Da Fixx. My co-host, Dice Gamble, and I had the pleasure of discussing a range of topics, from our expectations for the week to the mission of our show. We also had the honor of hosting some special guests, and delving into some serious issues that affect us all. We also had a chance to celebrate 90’s Hip Hop, AKA the Golden Era of Hip Hop! Thank you for tapping in and enjoy the conversation.

The Mission of Da Fixx

Our show is dedicated to promoting positive and faith-infused music. We believe in the power of music to uplift, inspire, and heal. We’re always excited to introduce new music releases from artists like Zauntee, Tauren Wells, and Erica Campbell. But what truly makes our show special are the guests we bring on board for our spiritual detox, and this week was no exception.

90’s Hip Hop Connoisseurs Beanies and Snapbacks

We had the pleasure of hosting Soy Is Real and Knaladeus, who together form the group Beanies and Snapbacks. Their love for the golden era of 90s hip hop brought them together in 2008, and they’ve been creating magic ever since. Their first full-length collaborative project has been a joy to listen to, and we were thrilled to have them on our show.

The Journey of Beanies and Snapbacks

They shared the story of their musical journey. Their collaboration began in 2008, sparked by a mutual friend, Chris Mercado. The chemistry they share as a collective is palpable in their music. Their group name, Beanies and Snapbacks, is a nod to their shared love for these particular types of hats, and a tribute to the nostalgic feel of the golden era of hip hop.

The Power of Hip Hop

They also share their personal experience with hip hop and how it served as a positive influence during their upbringing. Growing up in the projects, with a father involved in selling drugs, hip hop became a tool for Knaladeus to stay busy and away from the streets. His passion for language arts and writing became a means of self-expression, and ultimately, a lifeline.

The Album: Beanies and Snapbacks

Their album, “Beanies and Snapbacks,” is a soulful tribute to the essence of boom bap hip hop. It features collaborations with artists like Javy XI, YP AKA Young Paul, J. Solo and C4 Cortona. The album is a testament to their friendship, brotherhood, and love for music. It’s incredibly honest and transparent, and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

The Impact of Music

Knaladeus’ journey in the music industry is inspiring. He shared his connection with Boom Church, Body of One Ministries and how a conversation with Datin convinced him to continue pursuing music. The group’s chemistry and success are also attributed to other members of Datin’s label Menace Movement including C4 Crotona, Jes Norris, StephenOtto, and Dax Hamma.

The Dangers of Gossiping

Dice Gamble and I also delved into the topic of gossiping and its negative impact. We discussed how false rumors can spread quickly, especially in the age of social media, and the damaging effects it can have on someone’s character and reputation. We shared personal experiences and emphasized the importance of truth, direct communication, and the need to verify information before spreading it.

The Importance of Honesty and Hard Conversations

We believe in the value of honesty and having hard conversations. Constructive criticism can help individuals grow and develop. We need to bring back real conversations and reduce gossiping. We shared personal anecdotes about our grandmothers’ straightforwardness and how it impacted us. We concluded by encouraging listeners to pray for their mental health and to focus on personal growth rather than gossiping about others.

Protecting and Valuing Black Women

In light of the Karlie Russell case, we discussed the importance of protecting and valuing black women. We also touched on a recent news story about a woman who allegedly faked her own abduction. We expressed our concern about the mental health implications of such actions and emphasized the need for communities to take mental health seriously. We urged people not to engage in such behavior and highlighted the importance of trust and unity within the black community.


Our show is a platform for us to discuss important issues, promote quality music, and share life lessons. We’re grateful for our guests’ presence and the insights they bring. We hope you enjoyed this episode as much as we did, and we look forward to bringing you more engaging content in the future. Stay tuned!

Knaladeus of Beanies and Snapbacks 90's Hip Hop
Soy Is Real of Beanies and Snapbacks 90's Hip Hop
Soy Is Real


The Shift in the Atmosphere [00:00:33] The hosts discuss their belief that there will be a positive shift in the atmosphere for everyone.

Gossiping and God’s Pleasure [00:03:53] The hosts talk about the negative effects of gossiping and discuss whether God is pleased with such behavior.

Update on Jamie Foxx’s Recovery [00:05:06] The hosts provide an update on Jamie Foxx’s recovery and express their prayers for his speedy recovery.

The chemistry and collaboration of Beanies and Snapbacks [00:09:15] Discussion on their long-standing collaboration and the process of working together on their album.

Meeting and becoming friends [00:11:02] Theyshare how they first met and became friends through mutual acquaintances and their shared love for hip hop.

The origin of the name “Beanies and Snapbacks” [00:15:30] The speakers explain how they came up with the name for their group and the significance behind it.

Hip Hop as a Tool for Keeping Busy [00:18:48] Knaladeus discusses how hip hop kept him away from negative influences and how he used language arts to express himself.

Overview of the “Beanies and Snapbacks” Project [00:20:05] Knaladeus introduces the project and asks for an overview of what listeners can expect from the album.

Collaborations and Inclusivity [00:23:35] Knaladeus talks about the collaborations on the album and emphasizes the inclusivity and unity of the “Beanies and Snapbacks” movement.

Steph’s Journey [00:28:13] Knaladeus talks about his journey with Steph, how they started collaborating, and the chemistry they have.

The Power of Music [00:29:30] Dice discusses the impact of music, its healing properties, and its ability to teach and inspire.

Gossiping and Secrets [00:35:42] Dice introduces the topic of gossiping, its negative effects, and the importance of keeping secrets.

The dangers of gossip [00:38:27] Discussion on the negative impact of gossip, including false testimonies, spreading rumors, and the consequences it can have on people’s lives and reputations.

Gossiping in the church [00:39:31] Exploration of the prevalence of gossip within the church, specifically focusing on gossip about pastors and church leaders, and the impact it has on the church community.

Rumors and their potential harm [00:42:18] Highlighting how rumors can ruin people’s lives, the motivations behind spreading rumors, and the negative effects of gossip on individuals and relationships.

The dangers of gossiping [00:48:31] Discussion on the potential harm and danger that gossiping can cause, including mental health issues and misunderstandings.

The impact of gossiping in the church [00:50:05] Exploration of the prevalence of gossiping in religious communities, particularly focusing on the church mothers and the negative effects it can have.

The negative influence of gossip blogs [00:52:26] Highlighting the potential negative consequences of engaging with gossip blogs and tabloids, emphasizing the need for discernment and caution in consuming such content.

The need for solitude [00:57:29] The importance of taking time alone to hear from God and the need for others to respect that.

Honesty and forthcomingness [00:58:14] The importance of being honest and forthcoming in relationships and not resorting to gossip or guessing.

The value of honest conversations [01:00:08] Tthe value of having honest conversations, even if they are difficult or uncomfortable, as they can lead to personal growth and development.

Mental Health and Faked Abduction [01:06:59] Discussion on the importance of mental health and the potential implications of faking an abduction.

Disrespect for Minorities [01:08:46] Addressing the frustration and consequences of faking abductions, particularly in relation to the lack of trust and delayed response in cases involving minorities.

Crime and Consequences [01:10:10] Highlighting the legal ramifications and potential jail time for lying to the police and faking abductions.