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Hey HC!

I’m just chillin with my family before I go upstairs and do some work.Naima is playing with her bald headed black girl doll and one of those toy puppies that looks real, barks and walks. So hilarious! Now she has me feeding the baby. 🙂

Yesterday I spent 10 hours mixing the Air Jordan Remix! Wheeew! Them 10 hours was worth it though! I think it came out great! You can finally hear it on I also spent some time with a guy I’m trying to influence to be under the influence of Christ named Skittles. I have a lot of hope for him.

Today I woke up @ 8am, prayed, read a few scriptures and cleaned the house a lil. I don’t like washing dishes, but I did that too today. I also wrote an article for the next issue of “Tha Message Magazine” titled, “no strings attached.”

So today I got 1 studio session, I’ll record some collabs, make a few beats and record some new Charde material! Exciting!

Signing off,

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