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Air Jordan Remix is on its way! Bout to continue mixing it now! Who’s on it?








The past few days have been cool!  Saturday I went to one of the coolest concerts ever put together by MC Till & Wonder Brown (otherwise known as the Kings of Tragedy).   They had an artist open up for them name Joy Ike who is a BEAST!  She sings like pop/soul/jazz music!  Crazy!

Sunday I needed rest.  I went to church, came home and watched tv with Naima and Charde.  We played a few games, ate good home cooking (and some taco bell), and I even wrote a song!  Writing songs for me is rest.  Usually I’m obligated to write collabs or make beats for people.  But this time, I could just write what was on my heart.  It’s called “I’ll Defend You.”  I’m sure it’ll be on my next album.

So I’m about to go into a LOOOOOONG mixing session for the “Air Jordan Remix.”  The “Air Jordan” Remix features Thi’sl, Json, Young Josh, J. Johnson & Pro!  So the secret’s out the bag!  Can’t hold it any longer!  The verses are crazy and I really look forward to ya’ll hearing this 1!  I woke up this morning at 7, prayed for like an hour, read some more Genesis (ewwwwwww, Lot’s daughter’s got him drunk and had sex with him and had their baby’s by their daddy!  Sick!  I didn’t know that.  Their Baby’s Daddy is their real daddy!  Ewwwww!)

So pray for me today that this mix comes out fantastic.  Hopefully it’ll be on my myspace and this evening.

Signing off,


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