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A.I. The Anomaly – Preach

Substantive lyricist and engaging live performer, A.I. the Anomaly is back with another one. “Preach” is instructive, transparently providing a portrait of the challenges right in front of us and how to deal with them..

“Everybody got a plan in their back pocket to gain profit /
they claim topics enticing the main targets, they aim, lock it.
Then bang, cock it…… /
Got ’em bobbin’ and transed out from the screen, they feasting on paid jargon.
Preach make no excuse, better own what you teach /
I pray you see through propaganda, hope you question its chief.”

This is just a continuation of her strong messaging and work with youth.

Get to know A.I. The Anomaly.
Watch our Kingdom Building Conversation with her.

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