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7vnseal“Keep My Boots Mad Muddy”
Review By:Ed Welch Aka E Pluribus Unum
Release Date: April 2011
Rating: 4.5 (Out of 10)
[xrr rating=4.7/10]

Man, this mixtape takes me back!  Do you remember when The Wu-Tang Clan was doing they’re thing?  This album has that feel.  He even uses at least four beats that were originally from Wu-Tang songs.  I felt like I needed to scream out to God, in You I “Triumph” and “It’s Yours!” …My bad, you may not have gotten that joke (old Wu-Tang songs).  7vnseal actually has roots with “The Clan” and you can tell by the musical and lyrical style once the first song starts.  Even the sampling of messages that sound like they come straight from a Kung Fu flick all takes me back.  But hey, 7vnseal is doing this for The Lord, right?!  Yes, and that’s to be commended, but I give you this warning: If you never appreciated the style of Wu-Tang like I did, you won’t like most of this album.  Even the helter-skelter type of lyrical style is reminiscent of “fill-in-the-blank” from the Wu.

Ok, now that I’ve gotten that off my chest and given you a clear musical style to expect, let’s look at everything else.  There is some musical diversity on this project.  I appreciate the shifts, even though they are few.  “Centurions” definitely gives you a different kind of feel.  It has a down south banger-like feel and definitely was a surprise.  I thought T.I. was about to start rapping or something.  Ironically, one of my favorite songs on this album was “Ginsu” featuring Applejaxx and Dirt.  I must admit, I didn’t see that one coming.  The piano-laced melody is so smooth.  It’s one of those melodies that you could put any kind of percussion and lyrical flow to and people will take note. 

With all of that being said, 7vnseal (& others) definitely keep it real.  I appreciate the message in songs like “How You Living”, when these lines were spit: “Wearing Christianity like a coat, once it gets warm they ain’t wearing it no mo’ Man I was fake as a mannequin, like I hated God, that’s how I was handling Him.”  Great question…How are we living?  …Smh, sorry I zoned out.  I’m back.

Ok, speaking of coming back I have this main gripe with the project.  The beats that were used for this project are obviously dated and it gives this album an “old” feel.  Outside of a few of the tracks, this project sounds like something that should’ve come out years ago…like back when Wu-Tang was actually relevant.  If I wanted to take a trip down memory/musical lane I would grab the songs that I listened to back then.  I hope 7vnseal brings something fresher (aka, some newer beats) to the table next time. I’m definitely not knocking mixtapes.  I just would’ve liked a more varied beat selection and some lyrical styles that didn’t make me want to check the credits from almost each song to see if Killarmy, Raekwon, or the Gza were trying to resurrect their careers through Christianity.

BUT, if you want variety it has been provided through features.  Oh my goodness the features!!!  Did I mention that this project has like a billion songs on it?  Well, that’s relevant in this part of the review because if 7vnseal didn’t have so many songs on this album, he wouldn’t have been able fit this many features on it.  Applejaxx, Dirt, Sivion, Sincon, CY, John B, Gifted da Flamethrowa, Theory Hazit, Young Mercy, and Braille just to name a few (yes, there are more that I didn’t list).  I see that 7vnseal has a clan of his own to contend and spread the gospel.  I can dig it!

In conclusion, this mixtape is “OK”.  But a mixtape’s weakness should never be production, because you can choose whatever beat you want.  The hooks didn’t “hook” me in, but I definitely had some songs on here that I really liked.  But hey, everybody is a critic.  I’m just the guy who wrote the review.  Peace and much love. (I wonder what Inspectah Deck is doing now-a-days. Hmm…)

Comprehensive Ratings:

  • Music                           4
  • Flow                            4
  • Lyricism                       5
  • Content                        7
  • Creativity                      3
  • Credibility                     4
  • Personality                    4
  • Presentation                  4
  • Overall Production        6
  • Potential Impact            4
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