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Released: 9-3-2011

Reviewed by: WyldBill

Rating: 7.3 (Out of 10)

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A-Cee, government name Alex Callaway, is from the “City of Chi” (Chicago, Ill) a city known for rap acts like: Gemstones (formerly Gemini), Kanye West, Twista, Common and Lupe Fiasco. The album name, “Heavy Light” refers to the weightiness (heavy) and illuminating nature (light) of the Word of God. The album features collabs from some lesser known artists DJ Kenetiq & Time to Shine Music label-mate Sound Doctrine and music production from A-Cee, Chris Powley, & Choice 37.

The album made me reminisce a little. This mixtape remind me of a 2004-05 Lampmode Recording’s album. I like the album but I would like it more if I heard this seven years ago. Tracks like White Horse, Suicidal and Life I’ve Been Given sound a little dated (flow and beat wise) for me, but I did have some favorites. Do Your Part, I Am Not A # and Exhortation were my “key tracks” on this album offering. A-Cee is a gifted MC but I would love to hear him on some more up to date beats. I liked Mayhem 2 Mission. This track reflects the transition of A-cee’s life from drug dealing to ministry. I thought he was going to rap on Great Exchange. That beat could have been a track to beast on! I did like how he mixed a John Piper message into the mix. The album closes out on a good note. The outro is a prayer for people to understand the mercy of God. You will love this album for its biblical teachings but it’s not for “beating down your block.” Good look though!

Comprehensive Ratings:


Rating – 7.3

1. Music – 5

2. Flow – 7

3. Lyricism – 8

4. Content – 10

5. Creativity/Originality/Relevancy – 5

6. Credibility & Confidence – 10

7. Personality & Character – 6

8. Presentation Quality – 9

9. Overall Production Quality – 8

10. Potential Impact – 5

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