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AbsoluteSoul Savin’ Business
Release Date: 2011
Reviewed by: Bradford Davis
Rating: 3.6 (Out of 10)
[xrr rating=3.6/10]

In Absolute’s “The Journey”, our rapper says “I got folks that say what you trying to prove/there’s nothing you can do/ to change what’s wrong/so go and move along”.  So, I want to tell Absolute—dude, do everything you can to change what’s wrong! Preach the Gospel, live the Spirit-filled life, steward your family, love one another, do whatever it takes to be an agent of change!

But step your bars up too, because this album isn’t good.

Absolute’s album, Soul Savin’, does very little right from an artistic perspective.  It’s a poor, poor medley of 2004-era generic southern-fried 808’s and twangy rhymes.  I had a lot, (and I mean A LOT) of trouble recognizing when a different song started playing. That should never happen. It was one bad, annoyingly simple blur, with very few interesting musical directions, deviations, variances or quirks. It’s weak from beginning to end.

The raps don’t redeem the instrumentals. Though he has some moments where he approaches quality (the a cappella at the end of “The Journey”), most of his work stays at solidly below-average. Even worse, his flow is both simultaneously dull and grating after listening for a while. No presence, no authority, nothing to grab my interest.

This says nothing about his content: his desire to proclaim Jesus Christ crucified as the answer to the problems of the world is admirable. I enjoyed his transparency about his life and his boldness about the Gospel.  But, the poor quality of this album strangles out any hope of serious entertainment, especially for the average hip hop listener.  Put it this way: there are dozens of rappers that love Christ, and have themes that do nothing but exalt His name. But they’re also dope. Absolute, at his current level of quality, cannot compete with the standard Reach or Lamp Mode fare.  It’s a shame, but until Absolute figures out a *lot* of answers to the major problems in Soul Savin’, his music does not have what it takes to get any positive attention.

Comprehensive Ratings:

  • Music- 3
  • Flow- 2
  • Lyricism – 4
  • Content – 8
  • Creativity/Originality/Relevancy- 1
  • Credibility and Confidence -3
  • Personality and Character- 4
  • Presentation Quality- 4
  • Production Quality- 3
  • Potential Impact- 4
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