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Divenomous – “The Soulstice”
Released: 11/05/2011
Reviewed by: WyldBill “The Khalifa”
Rating:  6.5 (Out of 10)
[xrr rating=6.5/10]

Divenomous has been in hip-hop for over the last 15 years. While in college, the Lord hooked Divenomous up with Navigator to form the group “PF Allstars.” Navigator was raised in East Baltimore, where he has been able to shed light on Christ through hip hop and relating to people in life. Divenomous and Navigator have had the opportunity to minister throughout the east coast, and have shared the stage with artists such as Tye Tribbett, The Cross Movement, Lisa McClendon, The Yunion, and Ramiyah. They have also had the privilege to co-labor with local artists in the Baltimore-Washington area.

Now let’s get into “The Soulstice” project, the album is loosely composed to be like a film (I think) with Divenomous as “the star” and fellow “PF Allstars” member Navigator as “the guest/co-star.”  “The Soulstice” gives up 17 tracks with music production from Ansane, Beats 4 Legends, TRU-LIFE (The Cross Movement), MuzeONE (Scribbling Idiots/Redeemed Thought), Btate, & Revive Sounds. Some of the artists featured are: Landis, JayeRell, Sistah Dee, God’s Elect, Remedy, &Chauncey. This album follows the method of artists like Phanatik of CMR, Stephen the Levite, early Everyday Process (aka The Process), & Idol King. I wasn’t a big fan of all the production on this record. I’m from Mississippi so we like to nod our head and bump, but I do appreciate East Coast flavor tracks. Back in the day, I listened to Nas, Jay-Z, N.O.R.E., Wutang Clan, Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Beatnuts, Mobb Deep, and Dipset. Some of my favorite tracks on this offering would be: cyPFer, So Hard, PF, and Wife to Be. They spit a lot of knowledge on this project but I still wasn’t “glued” to the headphones. Soul Patrol is the official single off this project, but I think So Hard should’ve been. The track Never Leave Me has a powerful intro, but I think “the crew” should’ve gone in harder on this track. I think if they would’ve concentrated on a smaller track list, this would’ve been an incredible record. Let’s get back to the review. Obstacle sounds like they used an unused beat from a CMR project. Rock and Roll sounds dated and the title track sounded like a Mobb Deep track. PF is a song dedicated to his mom and how the group came together. “I’m no fool I know you won’t show up/ I just wish you could see my kids grow up/…” Wife to Be is for the married couples. It’ll have you grabbing your spouse around the waist…anywhoo! Next to the last track is the “PF Allstars” cypher titled, cyPFer. Most of the female MCs on this joint really represented and the second to the last male MC really went in. “The Soulstice” has its good and bad moments but it’s a cohesive record from beginning to end. Go check out that new Divenomous!

Comprehensive Ratings:

1. Music – 5
2. Flow – 6
3. Lyricism – 6
4. Content– 8
5. Creativity/Originality/Relevancy – 5
6. Credibility & Confidence – 9
7. Personality & Character – 8
8. Presentation Quality – 7
9. Overall Production Quality – 7
10. Potential Impact – 4

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