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Dreamz – “I am Dreamz”
Released: 2010
Reviewed by: WyldBill
Rating:    8.25 (Out of 10)
[xrr rating=8.25/10]

Dreamz, born Aaron Williams, is a Native of Saratoga Springs, NY a city known for horseracing, warm springs, and not the least, for its culture. I Am Dreamz is the high top fade sporting songwriter/producer/MC’s first offering to CHH. The album features collabs from lesser known artists Allday, D.Free & Esko and the production from I Am Dreamz is unknown.

The album opens with the title track intro. This track has a go-go sound. It reminds me of Wale’s go-go music samples. Dreamz is a pretty strong MC with a tight flow and lyrical game. Headlight Beams has a pretty mainstream feel to it. This is a banger. Next up, I’m In Love is romantic banger that you could play when you’re with your better half. He uses the song to explain his love for Jesus in a relevant way. Knock Me Down is a departure from the urban mainstream sound established with Intro (I Am Dreamz), Headlight Beams, and I’m In Love. This track has an eerie sound to it. He rhymes about his back stabbings through a very repetitive hook. He Is Lord is next on the track listing. I love this track. It’s a good mash of hip-hop quotable with guitars with strings and/or violins. Kurupted Muziq, Breath, Here I Am, and I Fone Home have a rock/urban sound to ‘em. I like the tracks but it seemed like he should have had more of a hip hop/rap sound. A good example of what I’m talking about is Flame’s Joyful Noise and Pro’s Full Court Mess. The last track, Feel Good, is a good ending to this MC’s freshman album. I can’t wait to hear more. Real Talk!

Comprehensive Ratings:

1. Music – 7.5
2. Flow – 8.5
3. Lyricism – 8
4. Content – 8
5. Creativity/Originality/Relevancy – 7
6. Credibility & Confidence – 10
7. Personality & Character – 9
8. Presentation Quality – 8
9. Overall Production Quality – 9
10. Potential Impact – 7.5

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