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Jazz Digga “Square One”
Released: 2009
Reviewed By:  APX
Committee Rating:  3.67 (of 5)
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I’ve always been a fan of R&B groups like Boys II Men, Brian McKnight, JODECI, etc…while my music taste has changed slightly I can still enjoy me some good music.  I admit, I don’t listen to too much R&B anymore and artists like NeYo and others are holding it down in our current day and age, but unfortunately they’re singing about content that does not edify the Body of Christ and uplift the Lord.  Enter JAZZ DIGGA!  Whoa!  That’s all I have to say.  I popped this disc in while I was cleaning and found myself humming along with the melodies and nodding my head to the thumpers this album has to offer.  This is the kind of music that needs to be played on the radio, straight up!!!!!  R&P is officially in the building!

The entire album is a combo of both singing and rapping.  Digga does both at times but recruits a gang of cats to showcase their skill as well.  Digga’s record boasts of features like Willie Will (I live 4 U & When U Know), Illy (Be a Soulja), Smoove (I can’t believe it all), Advocate (Thinking of U), Chameion Sutton (Hold on), J.I.G (More than You’ll ever know), Vell Vett (What else can I say), and Eloh (Can’t get enuff).  All these artists need to be mentioned because they do a phenomenal job laying down their vocals and complimenting Digga’s soulful and engaging tone.

Opening with “Neva Turn Back” Digga becomes transparent and shares how he almost lost everything in his life, from his wife, friends, to his own life.  He displays his gratefulness to the Lord by showcasing both his talent for singing and rapping.  He leaves behind his former life and presses toward the goal of honoring Christ this time around.  I’m sure a lot of people can relate to this.  “What else can I say” featuring Vell Vett is another standout track directed to the females.  It’s an encouraging yet firm joint that doesn’t sugar coat anything.  Digga and Vell Vett plead with the women to “keep it holy” and honor the Lord.  “Let it Go” is another favorite track.  The production is solid and definitely sounds like it could be on the radio.  Reminiscent of something Diddy would produce for Day 26, Jazz Digga’s ear for what’s current is clearly displayed here, and the “God” message is so blatant that listeners would definitely get a healthy dose of God.  “Hold on” is one of the slower / smoother tracks on the album and puts Digga and Chameion Sutton singing together for a great melodic tandem.  Willie Will does Willie Will on both tracks he’s on.  His rapid-fire / choppy style fits well with the soulful production.  “I Thank U” is laced with melodic keys adding a cinematic feel that incites an emotional response from the listener.  Digga emphasizes the death of Jesus and how we desperately need him in the midst of our difficult times.  I can see this track being the last song at a performance and leading into the Gospel message presentation.  This is a track that’s on repeat for me.

Overall, this record is packed with smooth, catchy, and soulful music.  When I think about counter-cultural, I’m going to start thinking about this record because of the impact it can possibly make.  It’s easy listening component offers something that everyone can be open to and the clear Gospel message lends life to the music.  The production is professional and current.  Lyrics aren’t the most witty for hip hop standards, but the content remains uncompromisingly Christian.  This is a stellar Rhythm & Praise record and I would definitely recommend it to everyone and anyone that likes NeYo, Mario, etc…Jazz Digga will replace those records in a heartbeat!

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Review Committee
Review by:  APX

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Anonymous Admin – Avg Rating:  4
APX – Avg Rating:  4.25
DJ Guardian – Avg Rating:  2.75

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