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Mirko – “Righteous Hypocrite”
Released: 2011
Reviewed by: WyldBill
Rating:   7.7 (Out of 10)
[xrr rating=7.7/10]

The first time I heard Mirko was with the Boston, Massachusetts based group, Antioch Alumni on 2005’s Beatmart Recordings: Best Of The Submissions Vol. 2 by DJ Morph and Todd Collins. I had no expectations for this project because I haven’t listened to Mirko and/or Antioch Alumni since ’05. The album features collabs from Monic, Unearth, Arnold, Trini, Antonio Douglas, Rocklyn, and Lucian G.R.E., and production from Dibri, Spit Jones, Unearth, HD Productions, Rudament, DJ Triumph, John The Baptist, and Theory Hazit.

Now, Mirko brings Righteous Hypocrite to the table. The album opens with the track Champion. This track is true east coast music. It reminds me of early Common and Nas’ music. Mirko is pretty relevant on this album. U Kno This is the ultimate name dropping song. You will hear name drops from Jersey Shore to Nicki Minaj. On The Floor is a complete contrast to Champion. It’s a dance floor banger with a funky hook from Antioch Alumni’s own Unearth. The track The One is very Pop-ish. The track features Christian/pop artist Trini. If I’m right, Trini is rapper Applejaxx’s wife. I like the track but I think Mirko left his original lyrics at home because it sounded like a quick freestyle. I was disappointed on that one. He rebounds lyrically on Under The Stars. I love this track. It has a 1970s feel to it. Antonio Douglas kills the hook: It’s a beautiful night in the neighborhood/ so we living life under the stars/ Another track that is a must hear is Clothes. It’s about a young talented lady who gets addicted to fame who gets raped and goes from being a talent show act to a background dancer/singer to porn chick. Antonio Douglas joins Mirko again on Heaven. This track has radio appeal. The track that will have you reminiscing is Ain’t the Same if you’re an 80’s baby. Its features a rap artist named Rocklyn who has a pretty nice flow.

The key tracks on this album would be: Street Lights ft. reggae artist Lucian G.R.E. & Unearth, On The Floor, Life ft. the soulful chameleon Antonio Douglas, Under The Stars, Hypocrite ft. Monic, Reality ft. Arnold, Heaven, Clothes, Dance With Me, & Want More. You will be surprised how many of tracks are dedicated to women empowerment. It’s a good look though. I think he should repack this album with a shaved down track listing and Street Light needs to be a radio single. A listener will get a pretty transparent picture of life. Pray 4 Me explains why he does his music the way he does. I can’t hide behind religious talk/ Gotta walk where the people walk/. Mirko is a “MC” to watch!

Comprehensive Ratings:

1. Music – 6
2. Flow – 8
3. Lyricism – 9
4. Content – 8
5. Creativity/Originality/Relevancy – 8
6. Credibility & Confidence – 8
7. Personality & Character – 8
8. Presentation Quality – 5
9. Overall Production Quality – 9
10. Potential Impact – 8

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