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Mr. Coldstone “Elevator”
Released: 2011
Reviewed by: Neil Christian
Rating: 7.2 (Out of 10)
[xrr rating=7.2/10]

As I talked about it in my last review, the album cover is the artist’s calling card to the record industry and to the consumer. How well you design it and the other graphics for your release could well determine your success or failure as a musician. The album cover conveys the theme and impression of the album. Often it will also convey the mood of the music you will be hearing.

Mr. Coldstone’s album art creates a dark mood. It feels like the doors of the elevator are about to open and Tyler the Creator is about to step out with some real dark, heavy rhymes. It also doesn’t help that it looks too much like the thriller movie, Devil. That is why I did a double-take on hearing the sound coming out of my headphones. Rest assured. The album is far from sinister and dark.

In fact it’s the opposite. The album is heavily melodic, which a distinct commercial sound, which is not a bad thing. With some big name producers, such as Kajmir Royale (of Rehab’s “God is Enough” Fame), lending their skills to the project, the album is unbelievable!

If you want to know what the album is going to sound like, just listen to Till the Wheels Come Off, my favourite cut from the album. This song epitomizes the whole album perfectly. The marching, bouncy beat is just incredible. I am telling you my neck was in a dire need of respite after the 10th play of the song. Almost everything works perfectly on the song. The beat breakdown near the end of the track will have you jumping out of your seat. This is some serious neck breaking, party music.

Lyrically Mr. Coldstone has got a flow which is certainly distinctive, to say the least.  Also did I tell you the dude can rhyme? “I’m Popeye, Scrawny in my ways and my image, Step on Christ’s elevator now, he’s my spinach.” I’m sure that isn’t the first Popeye reference in rap history but I can’t think of any songs that reference Popeye, so he wins! Considering today’s trend of assembling as many features as possible on an album or a track, this album is a welcome relief. With only four features on the album, Mr. Coldstone is certainly able to carry the project, which is no small feat.

As I said earlier, Till the Wheels Come Off is a perfect indication of the album’s high’s and lows. The lows are the features. Je’kob from the Washington Projects dropped a very mediocre verse on the track that is best forgotten. Apart from Applejaxx’s feature, all the other features on the album were quite forgettable. Listening to Real life, I thought that Nicki Minaj got saved, but then checked the credits and it was Trini. Forget what the commercial music scene tells you, sounding like Minaj is not a good thing at all. Dreamz, the other feature on Tommy Gun, needs to start working on his flow immediately. That was just an atrocious flow. And the second-rate hook did not help the track at all.

The mixing and mastering is quality. There are times when I was wishing that the kick could have hit a little harder and the snare, a little sharper, but then I would be nitpicking. The album is over before it begins, but with such quality tracks, the length not that big of an issue. Fadacy Music Group has been dropping some gems lately. This is another worthy addition to their portfolio. While the length of the project and the commercial nature of the album might be deterrence to some, this is an album that should not be overlooked.  This is serious head banging, God-glorifying, music that will have you dancing. Are you ready to be uplifted? Then step into the elevator.

Comprehensive Ratings:

1. Music – 8
2. Flow – 7
3. Creativity / Originality – 7
4. Relevancy – 7
5. Content & Character – 7
6. Credibility & Confidence –8
7. Personality – 7
8. Presentation Quality – 7
9. Overall Production Quality – 8
10. Potential Impact – 6

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