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NevaHurd – “Unseen Proof”
Released: 2011
Reviewed by: Zach Rohman
Rating: 5.9 (Out of 10)
[xrr rating=5.9/10]

I really didn’t know what to expect from this album. I’ll admit I never heard of NevaHurd before, but as I turned one of his songs on, I recognized his talent immediately. NevaHurd is a very talented artist. This guy can spit. That’s what you will see on this album: A guy who can spit. Yet despite his talent it doesn’t always show. I found myself disappointed many times in the album. Many small things really hindered the album.

The album started off with a pretty nice spoken word. It wasn’t just nice because of the spoken word but he really had some pretty good humor in it. That’s one good thing about this album, the interludes. They were pretty good. They were at least a little humorous and that’s something you don’t get in most albums. It was very refreshing.

When the second song, “Unseen Proof”, came on that’s where I really saw his potential. I thought the production fit NevaHurd perfectly on this track. The song was great throughout. The chorus was good, and he really had a nice flow. It was a great track to represent the album. Yet after that, the album really started to go downhill.

The next song was “You” and then you could really start to see problems showing in the album. The beat was alright, but it was a little bit annoying. It was supposed to be a feel good song, but the chorus ended up ruining it. It was way too corny. It was corny enough to have NevaHurd singing “da da da da dada da da da”. If you thought reading that was annoying, you can probably imagine how annoying hearing it would be. On top of that, whenever he spoke on the track, he didn’t really have much depth to what he was saying. It was good and truth but it wasn’t anything that deep.

The same thing continued throughout the album. Most of the songs ended up having really bad choruses. The production on the album was pretty good and had my head bobbing, but maybe the production didn’t fit NevaHurd’s style. I’m really not sure. In general, the choruses didn’t sound good and a chorus can make or break a song. The song “Do It” had an annoying chorus because of the singing. The singing just really wasn’t good. I’m not saying Tyshan Knight can’t sing, but on that particular song it really just wasn’t good. It was just extremely annoying to be honest.

Overall, this is an okay album. NevaHurd had a great flow on almost every song. The guy can rap, and there isn’t a question in my mind about that. He’s got a great voice for rapping and he backs it up with some nice rhymes and a nice flow. But the album is plagued with bad choruses, and at times production that just doesn’t fit NevaHurd’s style.  Hopefully, he will improve in a few areas. At the same time, NevaHurd has a ton of potential and a nice flow. He is a great up and coming artist.

Comprehensive Ratings:

1. Music – 5
2. Flow/Delivery – 7.5
3. Lyricism – 6.5
4. Content – 5
5. Creativity/Originality/Relevancy – 4
6. Credibility & Confidence – 6
7.  Personality & Character – 7
8.  Presentation Quality – 6
9.  Overall Production Quality – 6
10. Potential Impact – 6

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