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Sauce Remix “Bible on My Side” Mixtape
Released: 2010
Reviewed By: E Pluribus Unum
Committee Rating: 9.05 (of 10)
[xrr rating=9.05/10]

OK, it’s official. This joint is hot! I didn’t know what to think when I saw the title. I didn’t know if I had an album or an audio version of the Bible with an Ebonics translation. I’ve never heard of Sauce Remix before, but I felt him on this project from start to finish. I don’t know about his previous works, but I know he definitely had the right recipe for a banging project on this one. The interludes are pretty funny. The beats have a good range and great quality. “Lonely People” was a great start and gets this mixtape cooking at the right temperature. He keeps you simmering with “Live for Him” featuring Chris Lee (who sounds great, by the way). “Miss My Chance” is absolutely off the chain!!!

I actually don’t have much to say that’s not positive. The wordplay on the album is good. The content is on point and uplifting. Sauce Remix keeps it real too. He’s very honest in “Lonely People” with his testimony and shows how good God has been in his life. This is honestly one of the best projects I’ve reviewed since I’ve been with Holy Culture. Sauce Remix leaves your mouth watering and ready for more by the end of the project.

“Go to Hell” was a little too spicy for my personal taste, but I can’t hate on the song because he clarifies his message at the beginning of the song and the wordplay in this song is off the chain! J-Blast and Dre Sr. added a great flavor to the track (which almost sounds like a video game, by the way). I almost felt like I needed to pull out the Nintendo and play Mario Bros. J-Blast comes in swinging hard with lines like, “Take it from the Blast boy/ I’m waiting on the Rock but I ain’t talking bout an asteroid./ And He’s coming with the wrath, you’re gone feel the Aftermath, since you wanna be a Bad Boy.” I’m sitting here scanning over the songs on this album and I feel like I’m leaving so much out. Yes, this album is that good! “Theology Aviation” is another song that you can’t skip.

I wish “Addicted” had less of the sample during the verses so I could focus on the lyrics a little bit more, but I still put this song on repeat. “Line Up” was too redundant for me, because he keeps saying “That doesn’t line up with scripture” after ever two lines of the verse. “Straddle the Fence”, “Peter, John, and Paul”, and “He Can” are the only songs I consider skipping, and that just depends on my mood at the time. They aren’t “bad” songs.

In short, Sauce Remix put this entrée together with more creativity than a contestant on Iron Chef. This album rivals anything else out there from any big name you want to toss out within the Christian rap genre. But hey, everybody is a critic. I’m just the guy who wrote the review. Peace and much love.

Music: 9 of 10
Flow / Delivery: 9 of 10
Lyricism: 9 of 10
Content: 9 of 10
Creativity / Originality / Relevancy: 9 of 10
Credibility / Confidence: 9 of 10
Personality /  Character: 9.5 of 10
Presentation Quality: 9 of 10
Overall Production Quality: 9 of 10
Potential Impact: 9 of 10

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