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Zerubbabel – “Pilgrim Perspective”
Released: 2011
Reviewed by: Hipknokerz
Rating: 9.6 (Out of 10)
[xrr rating=9.6/10]

Every single track on this project was great! Mostly a Southern Banger, Z kills each track and brings a grittiness that means business. Z’s syncopated style matched well with all of the tracks, plus he shows some versatility on other tracks like RUN WITH IT and I NEED YOU. Tracks like TAKE THE CITY and FIREFIGHTER have a great theme of evangelism, exemplifying the necessity of taking the Gospel to the people in our everyday lives. This contrasts with tracks like I NEED YOU and TRUST YOU dealing with introspective issues and how to prevail in faith. Tracks like TAKE THE CITY and RELEASE has that big bang sound that quakes the 12’s in the trunk with some bump! Made my trunk sound like I got two midgets wrestling up in there!

Take the City is definitely my personal favorite of this project, because I am a bass head! This is a crazy track with stacked horns and lead horns, going hard for Christ. It’s a great track to listen to when facing the world with the Gospel of Christ. Trust You is a track that has an amazing composition! It has a great feel, and Michelle gives it so much depth alongside those deep horns and that whispy synth. Def. my 2nd favorite track! RUN WITH IT was wonderfully put together. With the minor keys on the hook, it made me feel like I was listening to a quality 2PAC track, but better! PilGrim is my 3rd favorite on this project. I love how the singing matches so well with his style of spitting on this track. Solid track that rides out and you can’t keep from pumping your fist in the air screaming out “We some PILGRIMS”!

I love how Z rips on the southern beat and serious track like I NEED YOU as well. The track is laced with great keys and choral pad on the track with the flute giving it perspective on the hook. I have a bias towards music that the listener can hear and reflect on in their own lives, making the music more than just a bunch of songs, but a resource for encouragement and a catalyst for change. This track fits that model. Zerub raps with maturity, authority and experience and makes the listener feel safe and encouraged. This is helped by the overall production quality. Every song is mixed and mastered with professional sound quality and satisfies the listener’s desire for a neck jerking experience. I believe this project fits greatly with the top 10 albums for this year, giving the listener a peek into the life of God’s Pilgrims here on Earth.

Comprehensive Ratings:

1. Music – 9
2. Flow – 9
3. Creativity / Originality – 9
4. Relevancy – 10
5. Content & Character -10
6. Credibility & Confidence – 10
7. Personality – 10
8. Presentation Quality – 10
9. Overall Production Quality – 10
10. Potential Impact – 9

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