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Album Review Cyrus “KingCyz” Alexander "Good Morning Melanie"



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As an 80’s baby, I personally believe I grew up in the greatest error of music ever. Stop me if you’ve heard that before. Of course, every generation before, and after me, will say the same thing; however, when I come across an artist or a song, that reminds me of that “Golden Era”, it’s pretty easy for me to stand flat-footed and double down on my opinion. In fact, I hit ‘em with a Nene Leakes”, I said what I said!”

There has always been an underlying concern within the CHH community, on whether or not it was acceptable for a CHH artist to create songs/projects, that spoke about current events, social issues, racial injustice, as well as human rights, without saying, “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus and more Jesus” every other line. Ceej seamlessly flows through all of the above, while maintaining a solid foothold on his belief if Christ. “How does he do that?” Well, I’m glad you asked.

Ceej is truly a student of the game. He gets it and “Good Morning Melanie” clearly proves that he passed his personal Hip Hop test with flying colors. The southern influence is present, but because of that “Spike Lee Do the Right Thing” styled radio station interview throughout the project, you realize that Ceej has mastered a major Hip Hop foundational concept, the art of storytelling. This is the cornerstone that he uses to build a well-rounded musical experience.

Ceej addresses systemic racism (“Dirty Secrets” and “Domestic Policy”), captures moments for introspective reflections (“Credo” and “1985”), and still finds time to dispense a non-preachy clarion call (“The People”). It requires skill to take on such a tall task, but with his sure-fire cadence and confidence rooted in Christ, it’s clear he was built for this. “Good Morning Melanie” brilliantly maneuvers through the delicate psyche of the human mind, emotions impacted by personal traumas, and somehow find the safest most necessary place for the listener to land, “Mercy”.

Ceej has a ton of hip hop Quotables throughout the project. Who am I fooling? Good Brotha got Barz! After each listen it seems to require another listen, then another, and another. As you listen you peel back another layer, not only musically, but personally. When an artist is able to spark that within a listener isn’t that the sign of a good project? Well, let me take is a step further, isn’t that a sign of what ministry really is? Let me answer that for you…True indeed! Well done Ceej…Well done!


Cyrus “KingCyz” Alexander

Holy Hip-Hop/Gospel Rap Artist Cyrus (KingCyz) Alexander has lived in Delaware ever since his birth. From the womb, King Cyz was labeled as the ‘Miracle Baby’ since even the doctors were stunned at how such a conception could have ever occurred as Cyrus’ parents were told by doctors and specialists infertility that they could never have any children. From the beginning, God had His hand upon Cyrus in the very smile which seemed to illuminate his surroundings and “draw all men unto….” the love and compassion that God had uniquely placed within him.
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