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Album Review: Oatmeal – Variety Pack

Published on June 6, 2022

What's good family!!!!!! It's your O.G. Neophytemuziq with the new music review. This week, we gonna get into something that will stick to your ribs in the form of VARIETY PACK, the newest release from the man they call Oatmeal.

Now before you trip on the name, know this. If you are an oatmeal/cream of wheat lover you know that oatmeal does two things very well. Gives you a warm feeling on the inside AND it keeps you full for hours at a time. VARIETY PACK does just that and then some.

Highlights from this project are MAKE YOU MINE, which is a different kind of love song. Instead of trying to just “kick it” or just make a young lady the “lastest” in a slew of many, this jawn, featuring CStraight and Jekasole, let's the young lady know that she is the object of their desire…..FOR ETERNITY!!!!! Usually, folks, like myself, make songs like this AFTER we jump the broom, but I applaud these emcees for saying from the outset, the goal is to change the young lady's last name. Powerful statement made here.

Other standout tracks are DROP featuring Mitch Darrell, which has a Lil Uzi Vert type vibe to it. NO CREEPIN', featuring Alcott, is letting demons know there is no “TLC” in their walk with Jesus. There is GUTTER, featuring Xay Hill, letting us know that they have come from the GUTTER to GLORY!…..and truth be told….haven't we ALL???? Finally, we have the head banga of the album, I GOT THE HOLY GHOST, featuring stellar lyrical performances by Oatmeal, Nazarite, and Cstraight.

Usually doing a feature-heavy project is a 50/50 experience. You can hit with the right combo of beat and emcee to give your project VARIETY ( y'all saw that coming!!!! LOL)….or tragically fail by missing the mark and giving your project no identity and lose folks. None of this is the case with VARIETY PACK. Oatmeal's laid-back flow meshes well with all the collabos….a rare feat indeed and deserves to be commended for having the artistic courage to trust God and go for it. Lyrics are more than solid and the production, as my 12-year-old would say, SLAPS!!!!!!

I give this project the “green light” so make sure you go out and support VARIETY PACK, available on all streaming platforms, and make sure when you play this in your ride, that you play it dumb loud and slow roll that thing so people can catch the vibes. If you have any questions, comments or just wanna holla at ya boy, you can reach me at

Please remember to support all your local CHH artists and when they come to your town to share the Gospel through their gift. Until next time…..Grace and Peace.

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June 6, 2022

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