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Album Review Doktrin - The inDOKTRINation



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As a graduate of, “The University of CHH,” I’ve been afforded the opportunity to cross paths, and work with a number of game changers, as well as up and coming MC’s. What I can look back to, and appreciate during that time, was the individually produced soundscapes, and the MC’s that crafted this Christ centered content. Back then, when artists put out new projects, there was a certain hunger, and drive, that caused many historical releases to be produced. Outside of the heavy hitters, that you still hear from today, there were other MC’s that witnessed their creative attempts hit the bullseye. On the other hand, there were others that didn’t quite hit the mark. More often than not, when the artist that missed the mark receives, and applies, constructive criticism, their follow up project tends to be much better. My hope is that this review will do the same.

From the opening “inDOKTINation intro” until the closing track entitled, “Time’s Up”, Doktrin is straightforward with his message of redemption, restoration, salvation, and order within the Church, and the Body of Christ, as a whole. I respect the message, but the execution, or lack thereof, is what brings a few songs to a screeching halt. A prime example would be the song entitled, “No Longer Slaves.” Doktrin’s autotune tones/delivery was a bit distracting; however, early on it worked. After a few moments of uninterrupted listening, there are a few autotune filtered harmonies, that can immediately distract the intended listeners ears. I don’t believe that was Doktrin’s goal.

Production was hit/miss throughout the album; however, songs like “My Daddy”, “Through my eyes”, and “Time’s Up,” provide a glimpse of what could be. The highlight of the project is the song entitled, “Adios”. This is in fact the most complete song on the project, and Nameless Servant’s guest feature, provided the albums best verse and delivery. “Is He”, is another one of those songs that the listener can easily be distracted by the clashing autotune filtered vocals; however, in the right setting this song could definitely be an alter call Firestarter.

In conclusion, my desire is for this review to ignite a flame/drive that will allow Doktrin to reflect, regroup, and fine tune where needed, to produce a more complete project. I leave this “The InDOKTRINation Album” listening session feeling a bit unfulfilled/unsatisfied. My hope is that Doktrin’s next project allows for him to relinquish some hook/singing responsibilities, less autotune, and in exchange he finds the right artists to provide the proper amount of support to push him and his ministry forward.


Cyrus “KingCyz” Alexander

Holy Hip-Hop/Gospel Rap Artist Cyrus (KingCyz) Alexander has lived in Delaware ever since his birth. From the womb, King Cyz was labeled as the ‘Miracle Baby’ since even the doctors were stunned at how such a conception could have ever occurred as Cyrus’ parents were told by doctors and specialists infertility that they could never have any children. From the beginning, God had His hand upon Cyrus in the very smile which seemed to illuminate his surroundings and “draw all men unto….” the love and compassion that God had uniquely placed within him.
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August 19, 2019

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