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Album Review: Us Against The World

Published on June 8, 2022

God Over Money is back with their April 2022 release US AGAINST THE WORLD. This is their first full album release since coming together in 2019, and needless to say, they absolutely crushed it. This is easily my favorite rap release of the year, with vocal cadences similar to NF and impossibly catchy bass lines. If the musical prowess wasn’t enough, the lyrical messages sent in this album are great. Consistent themes of being a loyal follower of Christ in a world surrounded by non-Christian ideas are present throughout. 

The great thing about this album is the variance from song to song. The flows and beats are different enough between songs to never get boring. Fast, slow, staccato, loud, and subtle: this album has it all. The lyrical content is great, too, considering what is happening in the world right now. With so much brokenness, it is important to remember that we are children of Christ and to trust in His plan. I appreciate where this album is coming from greatly regarding themes and messages because they are applicable and relatable to today’s world.

As I mentioned earlier, the musical side of “US AGAINST THE WORLD” is off the charts. Simply put, it is extremely fun to listen to and I never once got bored. There is a lot of diversity in beats and vocal flows, which keep you wanting to listen. Again, many cadences reminded me of NF, which is likely why I was so invested, but anything like NF is still a good thing in my book.

My favorite song on the album was definitely “Get Up.” The super catchy bass line and awesome vocals combine for a really fun experience. I will rate “US AGAINST THE WORLD” by God Over Money a 10/10. Compared to other 2022 releases, this is definitely the most enjoyable, and I highly recommend it to you. 


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