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Hey Guys,

I’m chilling in my living room doing some research on current hip hop dance trends for Bracey & I’s radio show “The Talk it Out Young People” Show that airs today @ 2pm.  This isn’t easy!!!  I’ve been on like  myspace, mtv, 100 wikipedia pages, urban dictionary, youtube, dancejam and more! I must admit, I’m excited and nervous at the same time.  I’m excited b/c this is such a cool topic and I am definitely learning some new stuff (has anyone wondered what the stanky legg means?).  I decided not to take other people’s word for it (the Church does this WAAAAAAY too much) and look it up myself.  There are like 100 dances out their now.  Hopefully the “Air Jordan” dance will blow up 🙂  If not, it’s cool.  It would be nice doe.

If you want to tune in, you can hear the show live @  We’ll be on the air from 2pm-4pm.

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