Andy Mineo & Lecrae Land McDonald’s Commercial

Your favorite Duo is back! Andy Mineo and Lecrae have landed a series of McDonald’s commercials. The popular duo will be promoting the ‘Mcspicy’. This is a new hot chicken burger that McDonald’s will soon offer. The song that will be used in the commercial is their song ‘Coming in Hot.’ The series of advertisements featuring Andy Mineo and Lecrae are scheduled to run for quite a few weeks and will Air across TV and streaming platforms.

The announcement of this latest Endeavor came from Andy Mineo himself. It was in the form of an Instagram video in which he posted how he came up with a song and how happy he is that it is being used once again. Fans are happy for that as well.

The advertising campaign is a very creative one. It is a video advertisement that will feature fans and patrons eating this burger and making what is known as “Mcspicy faces”. That is the face that people eat when they eat spicy foods. The song ‘Coming in Hot’ by Mineo and LeCrae will be played in the background of the video.

That is a truly unique approach to take. In fact, one might say it is reminiscent of all the reaction videos you see on social media today. If the marketing department’s goal is to appeal to this younger generation, then they are certainly on the right track with this advertising campaign.

The song is Iconic and catchy. The video is entertaining and has a great storyline. No doubt fans are excited to see it used once again. There were many on social media that expressed surprise at the fact that this is a Christian rap song. However, for true fans of this duo, that does not surprise them. It makes them love even more the fact that a Christian rap song will be used in an advertising campaign like this.