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Andyreal – Law of Rhythm

Dealing with the balance of life can be a struggle, but Andy Real highlights that The Law of Rhythm states that energy is like a pendulum: what swings right must then swing left; what goes up, comes down and that everything goes through cycles – – good times and bad. He encourages that through it all, know that you are blessed and cared for by your heavenly Father.

Its the Law of Rhythm …
Thats just the way Life Flows
Its the Law of Rhythm
Thats just the way Life
The way Life Goes

/Sometimes are Good, Sometimes are Bad
Through it All you gotta keep Yo Head Up/

Verse – 1
Everyday is a Struggle working late on da double
Feel yo pain i feel yo trouble find yo way gotta hustle
Feeling down, Bills to pay.. car brokedown da other day
Hold it down dont complain, tears are down
But its ok
Keep yo head up keep yo aim, Keep a sound mind,
I kno u fed up take a break take some down time
Renew yo mind ….get yo focus on point get it right.
You Decide … what it is that u want outta life
What goes up must go down, what goes around comes around
What goes left must go right, you already know by now
Thats jus the way it is ..thats just the way it goes
This here is all a test some things we can't control
This world is cold, Da streets are even colder
My hearts goes out… another fallen soldier
I know it hurts and there are no words that I
Can piece together So please lets come together.

2nd verse
Change is consistent , Remain optimistic
Pay no attention to negative opposition
Instead be persistent look ahead to da distant
Your current situation aint your final destination
Days will get better no matter the type weather
The naysayers forever.. haters aint on yo level
They jus wana see you tremble , crumble under pressure
Believe you highly favored and blessed beyond measure
You walking through desert but you soon find ur treasue
Oasis will refresh you keep yo patience and composure
Life is gonna test you sometimes is gonna depress you
Whatever doesnt break you is gona bring out the besta you!
From coast to coast shout out, to all the folks that a
Lost someone close and at your worst
Come on….Dont Give up, I know you aint a … Quita
Keep yo head up …. and grove to the Rythm

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