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Andyreal – Street Hymns

Born and raised in a Christian home to a humble family, with the ministry of music in our DNA. The youngest of five in the midst of a rough neighborhood I quickly turned to the street life. Like the prodigal son I abandoned my roots and ventured out into a world of drugs and crime. In and out of juvenile detention I found myself in the pit of depression and sorrow. Having hit rock bottom with nowhere to turn but upward.

I cried out and turned to Jesus, he turned my life completely around and gave me the opportunity to be on the other side of the bars as a Detention Officer. Now I serve my gift through worship rhymes and street hymns. Currently the music video for my single Street Hymns is on YouTube. Street Hymns is available on all digital platforms. This song is from the album Law of Rhythm is soon to be released in early 2021.


Started as a youngin , always into something
The streets that i grew up in offered me nothing
Lost my uncle Chito saw my Mother cry
I was very little didnt understand … why
Thoughts became a dungeon, struggled wit my conscience
Felt like i was haunted, slipping into darkness
Troubled by my fears , breaking out in hieves holding back my tears, thought that i would die
My enviroment changed, at a young age
A whole different State, State of mind stayed the same.
Homies introduced me to the rythm of the street
Headed to the grave and i coulndt even see
Did the crime did the time, the court wasnt playing
Moma saw me locked up, never stopped Praying
Never stop beleiving that one day i would make it
Now i give him glory wit the music that im making!

Verse Two

Do it wit a passion, bringing the streets hope
This hope is everlasting folks need to know
Hearts are growing cold, people selling they soul. This news is getting old, i pray we stand Bold.
Stand on Faith Street, firm like concrete
Planted both feet, like palm… tree
Bent but unbroken this wind keeps blowing
Keep , Keep going , going againts the current
The trend, againts the flow. Most men dont even know where they headed where they going they jus really want the dough
But once they make it,they wont Break Bread
With that.. being Said ……dont be mis led
The wicked in full force We gotta stay on course. Choose Life ..not the corpse the source . These streets are getting worst No matter… where we turn
When we gona Learn to put.. God First!

Verse three

To the rythmn of da beat i bring the street poetry
This word that i speak like a seed i plant lyriclly
One day it will bloom give fruit literally
Whos that hearing me, you gona remember me
…If u ignoring me man you aint offending me
I pray you find the ONE who made a friend of me
Called u and me to be… his very Children
If u beleive then plz go ahead and listen
Praise him and confess him As the one and only King
Alpha and Omega from Beginning to the End
Put ur trust in him and you can do anything
No matter watchu going through… continue praying.
Brings the inner Calm in middle of the storm
Watches over you since the day that u were born.
Thank u Lord , for never leaving or forsaken us
Tough Love Ended up Makin us.

Street hymns dedicated to him
Like pearls and gems we off unto the Prince
He’s The.. Prince of Peace, And He holds the keys brought me out da streets made a masterpiece Yea…

Street Poet , yes u know it
I do it wit a purpose and i do it for the hopeless
Dont misinterpret, reverence the pulpit
Reaching for the dopehead and im reaching homeless

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