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Anthone Ray Ft. Desarae Dee – Lately Freestyle

What a testimony!!! “Lately” is a great personal testimony by @anthoneray that encourages us to always listen to the voice of God and trust in Him because he is always willing to walk us through life. it also proves that God is always faithful to us if we align with His plans. A dope song with awesome visuals that will give you goosebumps!!!

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Making beats in a hotel in DC
Watching Last Chance U while I’m feeling I’m on E
Feeling so inadequate, thinking I’m some Busta
While talking with the Lord like what’s it gonna be
Holding grudges for people who owed me
From the money and the time, but watched it mold me
Retired from the games, never been the same
Even after all of the shots, I’m screaming out Kobe, aye
Just a reference for this storyline
Guess storms always coming when it’s gonna shine
Wish God could at least give me warning signs
Cuz on a scale 1 to 10, all of them were more than 9
I been reminiscing wins, the pain and the anguish
To smile through it all and claiming its painless
From visiting Women’s health to being overlooked
It runs deep, had situations leaving me shook
But I’ve been seeing some better days
God as my shield got me covered like Medicaid
Real talk, If you look at my life and you seen what I’ve seen
Can’t believe I’m still sane like Mary J
A clearer view on life, switched to 4-D
Got out the stands, switched to floor seats
Saw, so many games played before me
That I realized, I need to know me
Lord I’m needing a boast like you was AAA
2018, I had a child that went away
Miscarriage had me looking at my manhood
Cuz I had no control during those my weary days
3 in the morning, with tears in my eyes
Praying to God and I swallowed my pride
Months later, we here now, He made a way
Had your name on my phone, welcome Savannah Rae
Had people just ignoring me
Would hear how they love the sound but no one is approaching me
But I’m seeing there’s some hope for me
Cuz since last year I can see the real ones supporting me
Uh, expressing my faith openly
No matter the climate or anybody who roasting me
Cuz after this life, I see a King
I can’t get rewards with streams and mentions in magazines, yo
This rapping I been a feen, have no remorse
Vince Carter in this game, not done wit the sport
Rap loves then hates me, should get a divorce
Almost dropped out from it like I’m changing a course
I don’t like my time wasted
Talking bout the past every moment in conversations
Cuz really I’m, future driven, I’m present driven, that’s what I’m on
Cuz you’re born, live ya life, and then your gone
Getting a bag is not the end all, be all
Cuz soon as you get rich, you’re the one they wanna see fall
I’m not saying that getting money is devilish
It’s when we make it a God, it’s out our element
Lately I been witnessing opportunities coming my way
A Loss of words is not cuz I have nothing to say
I know my times coming now when I see a delay
Luckily this wasn’t a phase, right


I feel like every season whether good or bad has meaning to it and purpose to it
It exposes who we truly are and shows us how strong we are as well
Sometimes, life doesn’t make sense and you and I both know that
But God has always looked out
We just gotta keep going afraid or not

Verse 2:

I’ve been running this amazing race
Hard headed now I yield to the Spirit and let Him operate
Instead of thinking that my life’s a waste
I’m counting up the cost of giving up like money coming out a safe
The blood, sweat, tears is what I now embrace
Figured out my lane took me time to find my place
I was seeing so many changes in CHH
Slow to the business of it but I didn’t break
If I was a, minute late, I would’ve given up
Pawn or eBay, sell all of my stuff
Putting trust in the music all in the name of God
Tryna get even after facing all the odds
All of that will fade, it will go away
When you see what really matters it will hit you
Was worried bout the time I wasted and what I went through
Had to drop it like a magazine to be over the issues
My eyes were closed shut now I am aware
It’s either the elevator, or taking the stairs
This is a journey that I’m on it’s helping me share
It’s part of the process cast all of your cares
I encompass the story of tortoise and the hare
It’s not bout where you going, it’s how you getting there
Yeah, I’m a witness that favor isn’t fair
Yeah, I’m a witness that favor isn’t fair



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