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Boston, MA – May 7, 2010 – Antioch Alumni (Unearth, Mirko, K.I.K.O & Gideon), is slated to release the highly anticipated project “Cram Session 5:  5 Loaves, 2 Fish” on June 15, 2010 to major digital retail outlets (iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, Emusic etc.).

Cram Session Vol: 5, entitled “5 Loaves, 2 Fish,” in three days time, created a powerful heartfelt project that will heal the soul.  Cram 5 includes an assortment of music from producers such as Theory Hazit, Nuncio, HD Productions, Justin Moon, Spectacular, B. Tate, David Santos,  Juma, UnEarth, John the Baptist; The artist roster consist of NomiS, Ex-Cal, Bobby Bishop, Tia Steward, Sev Statik, DiBri, AppleJaxx, Spit Jones, Trini, Levere: Da Story Teller, Fyah, SonShineRichie D, Deadman Walking, J.A.Z, Finale, Maverick, Manny, Ashleigh Nickole & Jean. This Cram Session has a more mature feel sonically and lyrically.  The project is a double disc with 24 hot tracks ranging from hardcore hip-hop to underground sound, to soulful R & B to party music.

With “5 Loaves, 2 Fish” we are witnessing the evolution of the Cram Session from pure raw hip-hop expression, to a well rounded project with precise execution. The artist featured on this project, have done much more than create classic gut wrenching tracks, they have poured out their hearts and have made transparent their souls. Cram Session Vol:5 “2 Fish, 5 Loaves” is sure to become a classic as is teaches us the same lesson that Cram Session Volumes 1-4  taught us; that if God is involved, even with a bunch of artist who typically don’t work together all in one studio, it doesn’t take a longtime to create powerful music. Check out for more information.


Antioch Alumni is a Boston based Christian based rap group founded in 2004, consisting of Pierre Alexandre (UnEarth), Jean Alexandre (Gideon Valor), Mirko Chardin (Mirko) & Jose DeValle (Kiko). Alumni Music’s vision is to spread the truth of the bible to the masses through our music. It is apparent that in the day and age that we live in that, most rappers and rap groups represent crime and violence.  The influence of the music created by these types of rappers has influence many young men and women to travel down the wrong path and themselves engage in acts of crime and violence.

Antioch Alumni believes that they can empower young men and women by providing them with positive music and positive examples of how to deal with the many issues that our youth face today, in positive ways.

Antioch Alumni provides music as an alternative to the negative music that would otherwise influence today’s youth.

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