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Arique Jackson – 99

Arique JackSon and Dallas native, Skinny Mac make their Holy Culture debut with “99.” Let us know what you think

Came up from the mud from the jump through the fire/
You can slide through if you want ain’t no punk you know I/
About to drip like Noah’s flood I’m in the cut don’t be surprised/
Living like I’m bout to die thank God I’m back to 99/

One time for the 99/
First time I spit a rhyme/
With a face like I ate a Lime/
Everything in due time/
First glance it seems Fine/
Enemy lurking but he stays behin/
Had me lost and had me blind/
But in the dark I shine/
Ever since being intertwined/
Breaking bread and drinking wine/
Feeling good and feeling fine/
Holy spirit give me sound of mind/
Seen a mountain so I climb/
Dozed off but I’m realigned/
Heaven got my back yeah that’s a spine/
Lord says can you play “you mine”/
You give me a sign/
Gave him the glory/
Gave me the fire/
Through the trial rhema word from the Bible/
Lord said walk in the spirit and for your survival/
Put on the armor and wait for heavens arrival/
Wait for the heavens arrival/
Yeah get it jax


Remember tippin and on 4 4s/
I was sick and filthy from the FOMO
I break bread like a bakery
And I cut green like a lawnmower
He was sticking with me but the Lord knows
Hustling past and Nick at night show
Watch the lick heard the pipes below
“Boy” were coming down like a cyclone
You eating kitty litter
(Ima) better stewart within a babysitter
Penicillin make ya blood sugar bottom like a dying sinner/
Jumping hot coals like a ballerina
when the ballet burnin and the galleria/
Mama told me pray now worry later/
Tried To get my cake up with a little flavor/
Get your panoramic view to move it’s major/

Outro freestyle

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