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About Our Father’s Business

Published on December 16, 2011

macinredPraise Jesus Christ!

‘And he said unto, How is it that you sought me? wist ye not that I must be about my Father’s business?’ – St. Luke 2:49 – Holy Bible (KJV)

When we have sincerely become born again, we want to utilize all our talents for the glory of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We realize that we have certain skills, and gifts, but we no longer want to pursue a lifestyle of darkness and destruction. We want to let the entire creation know that Jesus Christ is real, and that He has made a major transformation in our lives.

With this said, we as Christian musicians wonder how we can become effective ministers of the Gospel. We realize that most of the entertainment realm is comprised of secular artists that, by their words and actions, display a love of themselves and money, and a hatred for the holy things of Jehovah God. Yes, many of them do produce or promote a small portion of legitimate Gospel material, but that is only in order that they might placate their own consciences, or bring to themselves more money by sometimes fleecing Christians who wholeheartedly have a love for Jesus, and want to hear positive uplifting content that glorifies God and edifies their soul.

Now the question, at the heart of the matter, becomes how do we get our Christian musicality to a broad audience without depending on the secular filtering of what they deem appropriate (i.e. – music that deals with positivity without any emphasis on Holiness)? After all, don’t we have a need of the radio stations that play secular music? Doesn’t Jesus command us to go into all the world and spread His Gospel Message (St. Mark 16:15). Wouldn’t it be appropriate to pray that God would grant unto us the favor necessary to have our songs placed into rotation on every music platform available to mankind? Well, although an affirmative can be granted to these questions, it should be duly noted that we have the Power of the Holy Ghost Spirit to begin carving out our own niche and building Christian empire’s to take over this secular world system. God has given us dominion! With faith in the Christ who lovingly shed His Blood for our redemption, and rose from the dead for our justification, we have all the Power necessary to begin to take back this world, and its entertainment for the Kingdom and Glory of Almighty God!

By now you may be asking where do we begin? Well, the first place to begin is on our knees in prayer to our Father God. Prayer will place us in direct contact with the Will, Plan, and Purpose of Jesus Christ for our lives. When we pray, we receive a boldness that can shatter all adverse barriers enabling us to accomplish what unbelievers may deem as impossible, but we as Christians understand that with God, nothing shall be impossible (St. Luke 1:37). God will bestow upon our person the necessary Wisdom to accomplish our ultimate goal of seeing lives changed for the better, by spreading the Gospel of Christ to the masses through our various music ministries.

Now after we have prayed and heard from God, I believe the next step is to do as much research as we can in regards to the field of secular music, media, and entertainment. There are various websites where it is possible to purchase books of all kinds for the absolute minimum. With the advent of the internet, as well as the stability of the old fashioned libraries we encounter, there should remain no excuse for why we cannot locate the proper information necessary to achieve our God-given goals, dreams, and desires. With this said, it becomes imperative that along with our prayers, we voraciously read our Bible’s daily, knowing that ultimately we will garner more wisdom from the pages of God’s Word than from perusing the extensiveness of secular writings.

Now that we’ve gathered Wisdom, Knowledge, and additional information, it is time for us to prayerfully write our goals, and desires. We must know what it is that we desire to accomplish, and have a plan of action geared towards achieving these things. Although there is much knowledge and instruction available outside of brick and mortar schooling, with today’s technology, it is not that difficult to pursue education from a variety of colleges online, that will enhance our scheming as we attempt to plan our business endeavors. Remember, we must be ‘about our Father’s Business’. Knowing what we want and having a course of action to attain our desires, will give us a concise road map to properly maneuver the sometimes rugged terrain of God’s Will for our life, arriving victoriously at the destination He has always envisioned for us.

Remember, this earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof (Psalms 24:1). We as followers of Christ have the faith and Power necessary to take back what Satan has used for destruction, and begin to establish God’s Kingdom – His Way of doing things – in the earth realm. We have a God and Savior whose hand is not shortened (Isaiah 59:1). He declares in His Word that we that make mention of The Lord are not to hold our peace, and we are to give our Savior no rest until He makes Jerusalem a Praise in the earth (Isaiah 62:6-7). What this essentially means is that we have a Holy Mandate to plant the Word of God and His Name, Jesus, throughout the entire creation. It is not impossible for us to establish radio stations, television and motion picture companies, real estate ventures to assist those who are not yet able to attain affordable housing, and a plethora of other godly ideas that will show the world the Love, Power, and soundness of not only our minds, but the mind of Christ as well (2 Timothy 1:7). We are not in bondage to ‘the worlds system’. God wants to establish His Name in the earth. Remember, Jesus asked when He returns, shall he ‘find faith’ on the earth (St. Luke 18:8)? The answer is a resounding ‘YES’! He will find faith in you, me, and all those who believe His Word, and choose by His Grace to follow His steps wholeheartedly along the path of Righteousness He has penned by the ink of His own Blood.

So what awaits you my friend? If you have a God-given dream or desire, it is time to plan and act. The world needs to see the Light that Jesus has impressed upon you in order that they come into a saving relationship with Him. You as a Christian have inside of you God’s Holy Ghost Spirit of Promise. That is more ammunition to establish God’s Kingdom in the earth than all of mankind’s wisdom combined. Let’s make a renewed commitment today to not only our Savior, but to the lost, and to ourselves. We have been called to be ‘fishers of men (St. Matthew 4:19)’. Let’s cast our nets on the right side of the ship for a draught of souls (St. Luke 5:4)! The right side simply means the faith side. And we know that with the faith of Christ, all things are possible, and nothing, absolutely nothing will be impossible unto us (St. Matthew 17:20). Amen? Amen!

James ‘maCmoses’ Mc Morris II is the CEO of JESUS CHRIST TRU VINE ENTERTAINMENT ( You can find more information about him at or follow him on Twitter (@macmoses).

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