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[article.] Big Changes made by Small Concert featuring Bizzle

Published on October 25, 2013

I took my Girl’s little sister to a Bizzle concert in Johannesburg – South Africa a month or so back. I never doubted this would have an impact on her Christian life, yet I didn’t realize just how deep this change would run in her world view.


Recently while spending some family time, a bunch of African Americans were acting a fool on tv like they’re always portrayed. To my absolute amazement Sophia suddenly said, “I use to think all African American men were like that, but after hearing Bizzle speak I had a total mind change”. I looked in her eyes and there was a glow, a high regard for black men was planted in her soul. She now knew better and saw better.

I don’t know about you but I think we as Christian rappers sometimes take ourselves a little to lightly. We judge our lane in the music industry based on the money we are making. We look at the size of our concerts and compare it to people like Rihanna who recently placed a record in South Africa for hosting the biggest attendance by a female artist. I know the Bizzle tour was not that huge in terms of attendance and probably will never be, but believe it or not that small concert she attended has totally changed her views on a whole population of men.

A small concert has up-rooted the billions of dollars hollywood has used to portray the only used standard, (Drugs; Sex; Ignorant; Violent) of the man of colour. I don’t know if this article is for the rap fans; for the artists or the upcoming rapper who is asking himself if this road is worth it, I don’t know if in the mist of the small budgets and free concerts the depth of life change is being noticed. You are not just preaching Jesus my brothers, you are also changing what has globally become the norm. Today a 16 year old girl in Africa believes again that not all African Americans are the average ignorant; drug dealer; pimp and womanizer. You may not know this but a lot of African girls hold the Mtv/Bet/Hollywood African American image with a very high esteem because it’s dominant in our media. So understand that the work that’s been done in this girl’s life is totally galactic in her world view.

So next time you as a Christian rapper are dragging your feet to another free gig, hope you see way beyond the small budget. Next time you’re not able to buy your wife the luxuries of life, or lacking money to fully service your car like me (lol). Know that our small concerts are not small at all; another little girl will meet her first living example of a real man next time you get on that stage.

Written by @dannyvambili

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