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[article.] Classic collaborations in Holy Hip Hop

Published on December 24, 2013


I grew up in a generation when we all had a note book where we wrote the lyrics to our favorite songs and cut up pictures from magazines to paste on our bedroom walls. We (our generation) didn’t have internet, Facebook nor Google but we got to know many artists mainly through collaborations. I remember DMX and Sisqo doing “what they want” and us just bugging out because Mr Thong Song himself and X the Ruff Ryder were coming together on one track. Though things have changed today, the principle of great collaborations still applies in my world. In Christian rap there are a couple of collaborations that have kept fans begging to see their favorite artists coming together over and over again. Lets dig into our list of 10 collaborations that will have you indulging in good music.

Honorary mention:  J.R & Christian Rap

In an era where new vocalists like Chris Chobbin, Jai, Christon Gray, Andy Mineo, Suzy rock, Spzrkt and others are coming up, J.R. Will always be the bench mark in this department. J.R. Collaborated his Vocals with Christian rap as a whole and also contributed to the instrumentals to endless tunes that remain classics in our industry. I would love to see someone compose all the features and production J.R. Has had in this HHH industry so you’ll understand the unmatched scale he is on. Thank you J.R. for having worked with almost eeerrrrr-body in this industry.

10. Gs & Mouthpi3ce: Work to do, We out chea, I’m ready, I’m a square, I’m doing Jesus

Mouthpi3ce is still one of the most underrated rapper in our industry, you’ve heard people say this for years now . Recently I noticed that a music affair has been brewing between Mouthpi3ce and Gs. Gs is a former member of God over money, and when you hear him rap you’ll understand why he made that crew. I think most of you haven’t even heard these two Mc’s on a track, I want to guarantee that you will not be disappointed. I have listed a few tracks from all our short listed artists, so you can be the judge and let them no longer be underrated.

9. Social club: Fern & Martymar

Whoooooaaaa!!! Social Club are relatively new in this industry and it is surprising to see just how much they’ve done in such a short while. When you put two nerds together in a rap song, shouldn’t that be a major flop? Well not in this case, the Misfit gang is the real deal and Fern & Martymar are poster boys for this movement. It would have been sad if as rappers they didn’t match in skill and wit, thank God that it’s not the case. Social Club, well matched, real and have enough good music to back their claim.

8. DJ Wadeo & The Breax

Most of us never knew who The Breax were till you heard them dropping freestyles on the Wade-o-radio show. This team was probably the best strategic move for both DJ Wade-O and The Breax.

We were for the first time hearing Mc’s who were not the typical cross movement sounding cats. They were heard on songs like the pink limousine, pump up the base and other songs that were not Christian rap church sounding.

This relationship was concluded with their closing chapter called The Breax over mixtapes. Many Mc’s can learn a lot from this collaboration. I’ll personally never forget this season in Christian hip hop, an eloquent mix of rappers and the DJ who takes his work seriously.

7. Dre Murray & Wit: Hell’s paradise 1 & 2, Gold Rush

I don’t know if I am to praise this combo or just hate on Dre for having such a brilliant producer. This collaboration is probably to be envied by every Mc existing in our galaxy. They met on the net, had a chat that led to a life transforming relationship which has propelled them into Collision Records which is arguably the most talented record label at the moment.

My hope is for more music from this A class team, and maybe one day they’ll be a Hell’s paradise three featuring WLAK… (Just thinking out loud.)

6. Shai Linne & Timothy Brindle; Disconnected, Saved by Grace, Bondsevants, I’m the problem, The Holy Spirit

The chemistry between Shai & Tim is underground sounding with depth in theological matters. One can not listen to them without getting sound doctrine and a sermon wrapped within every rap.

5. Da truth & Trip Lee: Price tag, Hope, Trumpet blow

When you hear a big artist like Andy Mineo attribute the radical change in his life to a song by these two Mc’s, better know that where there’s smoke there will surely be fire.

Da’t.r.u.t.h who is the cross movement golden boy recruit & Trip Lee who is the Reach records golden boy recruit are both together the perfect fit. Both started young with their labels, and both had seasons where they were even better than their founders. Totally theological cats, committed to flow, consistent with music and grounded in the gospel… What a team!!!

4. Lecrae & Tedashi: Aliens, Represent, Dum Dum, Go Hard, God is Enough, Lord have mercy

I still sometimes want to wash my eyes when I see this two Reach record Mc’s on Mtv. From the days of Represent, then we went hard, they told us God is enough, weren’t afraid to look Dum while at it and now Lord have mercy which is not their best collabo but it’s probably had more exposure than most of us could ever imagine. Lecrae & T-dot totally are a team that has been consistent, with Tedashi back in the booth after his recent sabbatical… Are we going to see another Crae collabo? #fingerscrossed

3. Swoope & Sho baraka: Tgc, Before goodbye, One moment, High

Nothing I can say will properly give the right amount of respect due to these two Mc’s. Sho Baraka who is a former Reach records member but now a Renegade and Swoope who currently is with Reach and is the founder of Collision Records. Together they could easily have been top 1 but since their collaborations are fairly new and fewer than the other artists on the list, for now we only pray that we are given more from them in the very near future.

The high society group members are clearly probably the best Mc’s Christian rap has ever witnessed, and together lyrically they are probably bigger than Biggy & Pac. I said it and I am ready to stand by it.

2.Braille & Theory Hazit: That’s my word, IOU, Counter attack, Nobody say

When I pick up a Theory Hazit or Braille project, I quickly scan to see if they given us another head to head collabo (Pun intended). It feels like having Talib Kweli & Mos def on a track, these are two timeless individuals who are totally in touch with hip hop & make music that is not based on current trends.

Their consistency in countless projects has earned them the second spot on this count down.

1. Kambino & Yaves: I won’t move, Let us in, Say you will, Turn me up.

Yaves who is formerly known as the Street Pastor & former label mate Kambino were probably the first guys to properly “perfect” Christian rap in a non-theological form. Kamb had the flow & Street had the word play, they together pushed each other and created moments on full Mixtapes & solo albums that are more than we can count with both hands. Kamb & Yaves worked on fresh stuff together and gave us only fresh material & great memoirs like we see in the “They should panic” mixtape.

Written by Danny Vambili (@danyvambili)

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