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[review.] Eshon Burgundy – For God’s Sake

eshon-burgundy-for-gods-sakeThere are a few CHH artists who can equally blend raw lyricism with true evangelism. Among these artists is Humble Beast emcee Eshon Burgundy. Emcee/producer/director and Philly native released an EP late September entitled For God’s Sake. Honestly, I’ve heard a few of his features and seen his work on music videos, but until recently, I looked deeper into his discography and biography. This cat is legit! He has worked with many hip hop legends including DJ Jazzy Jeff. Eshon lets the listener know how real his faith in God is in this project as he illustrates his testimony and life on the streets. Here are some elements I find truly significant in this project.

First, I would say that this EP is pretty much a mixtape. I love to listen to tracks with infinite bars on some borrowed beats, mainly because it shows that the emcee has something to say regardless of what beat it is. Eshon throws lyrics at you punch after punch in each track, following up with some hooks that will stay stuck in your head all day. “Gold champagne and a cup full of diamonds…”

Second, the tone of the album was very consistent. Eshon surely kept the listener engaged in what he wants the listener to grasp in this project– the Gospel from a street perspective. The collaborations including J.R., Tandeace, and others really kept the consistence going and did not lose pace throughout the album.

Lastly, this project is very authentic in and out. I went to college in Illinois, and most of the classmates and friends were from the Chicago area. Even my roommate from the south side told me one time that some of CHH he has listened to has turned him off because it did not seem “authentic” to him. I understood what he came from, especially listening to cats like Common, Kanye (the back in the day “College Dropout” Kanye) and other cats that had that hardcore hip hop style. This project is definitely one I would recommend to dudes that have never heard of Christian Rap or have doubts about it– a great witnessing tool.

Also, this EP is free for download as well. Get it here and spread the word!!!

Reviewed by Paul Townes (@ptmuzic)

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August 29, 2019

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