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Once I got the opportunity to write the review for Jahaziel’s album “Heads Up” I had to do some research about the fella. After a long absence from the music game, I think this is the perfect album for him to come back with. Heads Up is a classic and in each song Jahaziel paints a picture of stuff he has gone through and had to deal with in his walk with Christ.

He starts the album with the song entitled “I Said Yeah” and shares his testimony by laying out some of his old life while glorifying God in the moment when he said yes to Christ’s call for his life. With this first track it’s as if Jahaziel screams, “I’m back and get ready for this album that lays out all that God has done in my life.” “I Said Yeah” makes it clear that when we say yes we must also say no to the world.

With collaborations on every song, they all perfectly compliment Jahaziel and it essentially creates a super album with all kinds of talented artists. The list of artists includes Christon Gray, S.O., J.R., & Dwayne Trumf to just name a few. In the track “Go Get Em” S.O. and Jahaziel lay down some of the best verses on the album with JR on the chorus. These three monsters come together on this track specifically to talk about evangelism and that Christ drives them to do such evangelism.

I had not listened to Christian Hip Hop at the time Jahaziel released his last album but an album like this definitely drives me to search more of his old music.

One of my personal favorite tracks is “They Don’t Know” because it let’s us in on some of the stuff that Jahaziel see’s every day as he is trying to witness to the people he is doing life with. He gets very descriptive on the hard life he has seen and continues to see around him. Jahaziel ends the second verse with “..that’s why I’m in the valley screamin dry bones, live..!” Which is a beautiful recall of Ezekiel 37 and how God brings dry bones and dead men to life.

Ultimately, this is an album that not only brings fresh new music but brings a lot of perspective as well. “Round and Round” and “Numbers Game” deal with topics that Jahaziel himself has had to deal with that each Christian also has, or needs to, deal with as well. He ends the album with a beautiful melody in “Forevermore”.

Definitely Check this album out.

Standout Songs:

  • Famous
  • Go Get Em
  • They Don’t Know
  • Round and Round
  • Numbers Game
  • Forevermore

Review by Brandon Moore (@brandonmoore623)

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