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holycultureNovember 5th was probably one of the most anticipated days for Christian HipHop. Everyone was waiting on Alex Faith’s new album, including myself. Now you may remember him from his free project “Honest To God” or his most recent billboard charting critically acclaimed group album “W.L.A.K”. If you aren’t familiar with Alex, “Atlast” will definitely cause you to get familiar.

If I had to sum up this project in one word it would be genius. There was so much truth, artistry, and lyricism all compacted into 12 tracks. “Atlast” featured some of Christian raps favorite emcees such as Andy Mineo, Social Club, and Tedashii. We surely can’t forget the production on the album which was pretty solid.

Alex Faith and his Collision Camp are known for their honesty within their music. “Atlast” definitely stuck to that as each track brought forth so much honesty and authenticity. My top 3 tracks were “The Morning”, “Runaway”, and “Hold me down”. “The Morning” was a bonus track on the album. Sometimes when artist have bonus tracks there may not necessarily be a need or the album was fine without it. “The Morning” was this smooth love song that left you in this amazing mood and you felt like you got something extra from the album. “Runaway” is my second favorite track. This song is definitely a heart check because it’s super honest. It painted this picture of faith, which I believe at times we all struggle with. Andy Mineo hook was the best part. My favorite track on “Atlast” was “Hold me Down”. Alex Faith and Christion Gray are amazing together. This track was super transparent and it really hit home on the topic of grace. It really centered in on real life issues and taking those same issues to God. Not to mention the bass was bumping!

All in All “Atlast” is a solid album. Everyone needs this masterpiece in their collection. I’m a fan of Alex Faith and I’m pretty sure after you hear his latest work you will be one too.

Reviewed by: KJ Golden
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