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Now I am definitely no stranger to Roy Tosh. Does 737 sound a little familiar? Well this cat is back with a new name and a new sound. He is definitely no stranger to the Christian Hip Hop scene. Roy has worked with rappers such as K-Drama, J’son, and of course Lecrae. I first was introduced to him back in 2012 from my good friends Level 3:16, who were featured on his album Convinced. Speaking of Convinced, this album actually peaked at #25 on iTunes hip-hop charts. So when Roy Tosh latest mixtape, The Revert was dropped, I couldn’t wait to check it out.

The first thing that really caught my eye about The Revert is the production. The first six tracks off this twelve track mixtape were very upbeat and just some dope bangers. But I mean, what can you expect when you have guest producers such as Johnny Juliano and Black Knight on your project. I loved how there was not just one sound. There was so much variety presented here. It was like the South, Midwest, and the West coast were packed in each track. The second thing that caught my eye about The Revert was the guest features. Some of the emcees featured were Black Knight, TJ Pompeo, and Benjah. I loved the fact that he stuck with just a handful of features. I think sometimes artist can crowd mixtapes with features and in return we lose the artist’s voice and what they’re trying to present to the audience. I applaud Roy for having a good balance. The last thing that caught my eye about this mixtape was the lyrics. I love when artist are authentic and aren’t afraid to share their lives with us. I feel like Roy Tosh was not shy about doing that. His lyrics focused on things like being yourself, the struggle, and just living for Jesus. He was relatable while still presenting the gospel to us. Not many Christian rappers have mastered this gift.

Some of my favorite tracks were Pop Off, Bass Low, Losin’ It, Grace, and Revert. But my favorite track on the whole mixtape and that spoke to me the most was Take Me Back. Man……talk about one of the most heartfelt songs I have heard in a while. This track seriously penetrates your heart. Roy address how there are times when he feels he has done so much and questions why would God love him in spite of it all. He goes on in his lyrics about God’s grace and why does he unconditionally love sinners. I don’t know about you but I have definitely been there and am there. It’s like he took the words right out of my mouth and probably yours too. I know for a fact this song will be one of everyone’s favorites.

All in All, The Revert was bananas!!! I honestly couldn’t say anything negative or give it any real constructive criticism. I’m really feeling this new Roy Tosh flow. My fingers are crossed cause I know an album is coming and if it’s anything like this mixtape; I know it’s going to be crazy.

Written by KJ Golden (@introducing_kj)

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