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[article.] The Best CHH Albums & Artists of 2013

Published on January 3, 2014


2013 will always be remembered as one of the best years for Christian Hip-Hop. For the first time we really got the recognition we have worked hard to earn, our genre is being honored correctly on award shows and mainstream media. This year was also the worst year to drop your music project as an artists, why? Well every artist gave their absolute best therefore making it easy to eclipse other brilliant projects. We have had to compile a very difficult list, we had to consider many factors surrounding each project. We literally went through over 100 projects.  Our personal preferences were put aside. Special thanks to @Teacher_claude and @activefm for bumping heads with me while compiling this very hard and almost impossible list. Enjoy.  Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below.

Best group effort 2013

  1. WLAK – WLAK (@CollisionRecs @dremurray22 @alexfaithATL @MrSwoope @christongray)
  2. Beautiful Eulogy – Instruments of mercy (@BeautifulEulogy)
  3. Social Club – Summer of George (@SocialxClub)

United Kingdom 2013

  1. Guvnab – Odd 1 Out (@GuvnaB)
  2. Jahazeil – Head’s Up (@jahazielmusic)
  3. Spoken – Smoke: Don’t Blow it (@SpokenMC)

Africa 2013

  1. Manu Juvano – Mixtape Volume 2 (@ManoJuvane)
  2. Ill Ceey – Take1ne Mixtape – Zimbabwe (@illceey)
  3. Abel Chungu Musuka – Worship of the Love Revolutionary – Malawi (@AbelMusuka)

Best Album from New Artist (Debut Album) 2013

  1. Andy Mineo – Heroes for Sales (@AndyMineo)
  2. Spzrkt – Lucid Dreams (@spzrkt)
  3. Alex Faith – AtLast (@alexfaithATL)

Best Production on an album 2013

  1. Benjah – Vanity Fare (@benjahmusic)
  2. WLAK – WLAK (@CollisionRecs @dremurray22 @alexfaithATL @MrSwoope @christongray)
  3. Lecrae – Church Clothes 2 (@lecrae @DonCannon)

Best Comeback Album 2013

  1. R-Swift – Apply Pressure (@rswift215)
  2. Gospel Gangstaz – Defenders of the Faith (@GospelGangstaz)
  3. Jahazeil – Head’s Up (@jahazielmusic)

Best Album Artwork 2013

  1. Guvna B – Odd 1 Out (@GuvnaB)
  2. Dre Murray – Gold Rush (@dremurray22)
  3. Social Club – Summer of George (@SocialxClub)

Best Conceptual Album 2013

  1. Dre Murray – Gold Rush (@dremurray22)
  2. Sho Baraka – Talented 10 (@amisho) 
  3. Beautiful Eulogy – Instruments of Mercy (@BeautifulEulogy)

Biggest Surprise for 2013

  1. No Malice – Hear Ye Him (@NoMalice757)
  2. Kidd – Murder my Flesh (@KiddMMF)
  3. Spzrkt – The Looner (@spzrkt)

Best Urban Singers 2013

  1. Spzrkt – Lucid Dreams (@spzrkt)
  2. Chris Cobbins – Hello World (@Chriscobbins)
  3. Co Cambell – Conqueror (@CoCambell)

Noble Music Cause 2013

  1. Stop the Traffic – King Kulture (@rapzilla)
  2. Gurl Code – Full Ride Music Group (@FullRideMusic)
  3. Dj I Rock Jesus – Stop the Violence (@djirockjesus)

Best HHH Ep for 2013

  1. Mc Jin – Hypocrite (@iammcjin)
  2. Social Club – Rejects (@SocialxClub)
  3. Eshon Burgundy – For God’s Sake (@eshonburgundy)

Best HHH Content 2013

  1. Sho Baraka – Jim Crow (@amisho)
  2. Da Truth – Table Talk (@truthonduty)
  3. Bizzle – My Confessions (@mynameisbizzle)

Best video 2013

  1. Derek Minor – Gimmie (@thedereminor)
  2. Beautiful Eulogy – Release me from this Snare (@beautifuleulogy)
  3. Andy Mineo – Wild Things (@andymineo)

Best album 2013

  1. Dre Murray – Gold Rush (@dremurray22)
  2. WLAK –  WLAK (@CollisionRecs @dremurray22 @alexfaithATL @MrSwoope @christongray)
  3. Sho Baraka – Talented 10 (@amisho)

Artist of the Year: Lecrae

  • Grammy winner for best gospel Album/Gravity
  • Dove awards winner for best Album & Song.Gravity/Tell the world
  • Dove awards artist of the year nominee/Gravity
  • Soul train awards best gospel/inspirational performance nominee./Gravity

Written by Dany Vambili (@danyvambili)

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