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‘The Fatherless’ Documentary – A Son’s Perspective By WriteWay-Music

Published on June 19, 2012

WriteWay-Music, a UK based 4-member group of young men native to London, has taken a deeper look at the role of fathers in a child’s life and the effects fathers have on their children, on society and especially on today’s youth culture. On June 11th this year, they released a 10 minute heart-felt video documentary on YouTube.

The documentary, filmed by Dvisionaiir, touches on topics of identity, absentee fathers and broken trusts.  It also addresses a son’s perspective on the impact of having an active, loving and committed father.

The 4 members of the group, Tunde “Tunday” Balogun, Robert “Presha J” Awuku, Leké Akinyemi and Dwayne “Rhema” Edwards took to twitter asking their army of followers varying questions on the role their fathers had played in their lives. Sadly, while there were some great, positive comments, the cry of The Fatherless was seen on the time lines of Twitter with various people- young and old -sharing how they were negatively affected by Fatherlessness.

In a report titled ‘Dad And Me’, commissioned by Addaction and carried out by Martin Glynn, it was discovered that fatherless young people are 80.3% more likely to be involved in anti-social behaviour, 76.4% more likely to take part in crime and 69.1% more likely to use drugs. The impact of father/child relationships (or the lack of) is evident in society, as the statistics show.

This past Sunday (17th June 2012) was a day that was celebrated by some, hated by many and had no meaning to countless others… This day known as Father’s Day, is a day when children honour their Fathers for the pivotal role they have played in their lives, but sadly for many children, young and old, this isn’t even a possibility.

While engaging with followers on Twitter, Tunday shared a piece of his story that many don’t know…

“One thing I haven’t told many people is that at the age of 17 I plotted to get my Dad stabbed several times. Forgiveness definitely came from God.”

“What hurt me so much was that he knew where my family & I lived but refused to mend the broken pieces. So I thought he might as well be dead.”

@SOULSISTAAA joined in the conversation replying to Tunday’s tweets saying, “I can fully relate… I thought bout getting my Dad killed many times, used to picture it!….until Forgiveness from God came.”

This leads on to further findings from the Addaction report where they warned that “…those who haven’t known their father can suffer from dangerous sub-conscious anger. This type of anger goes unnoticed, unchecked and is not detectable. If triggered or released the outcome is detrimental to friends and family who have to pick up the pieces after the bomb has exploded,” the report goes on to say. (For full article follow this link:

Tunday, Presha J, Lekè and Rhema all have different experiences of Fatherhood that can relate to people of all walks of life. Through sharing their experiences they hope that others will not only see the negatives of being fatherless but also see the positive impact a father can have and also encourage those who have great fathers to appreciate and cherish them.

Although none of their lives have been perfect (with or without a father) they have risen up as young men who are an asset to society, inspiring right living by encouraging people to live life the right way using music, film and mentoring to make a difference in their local communities and the world at large.

About WriteWay-Music:

WriteWay-Music is a combination of four individual artists, a fusion of musical styles and a passionate movement for the lost.

WriteWay-Music is represented by Tunde “Tunday” Balogun, Robert “Presha J” Awuku, Leké Akinyemi and Dwayne “Rhema” Edwards. Each brings their own expression of worship with musical gifts ranging from rapping, MC’ing, singing and song writing. WriteWay-Music is not just a music group but also a movement that long to impact a generation of young people with their music and their lifestyles.

WriteWay-Music released their debut musical project (as a group) titled ‘One Way’ the LP in May 2011 which consists of 10 tracks and features production from MOBO Award Winning producers G.P and Victizzle and also features production from popular UK producers G Kid, Smylee and Ghetto Ace. The ‘One Way’ LP is available as a FREE DOWNLOAD from

WriteWay-Music filmed and released their debut short film (also titled) ‘One Way’ in 2011 to a sold out audience at the VUE Cinema (Stratford City) which made such a big impact and caused such a stir through-out the UK that it prompted a UK film and concert tour.

WriteWay-Music – “Leading the people in the right way.”

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