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Womanhood Intro: What is it?

Published on May 13, 2011

What is a woman? A precious gem, precious but continually being attack and degraded on the way she looks. See looks it plays a huge part in today society. What is beauty seems to be the question we are asking and being directed by a world of crisis, or should I say chaos cause even on my days off I feel like its cold cruel hand is puncturing my looks. Telling me what to look like, how to, why to, even when I try to I feel like my looks never satisfies you. Because I’ll never be that superstar girl, that image you try to define me as, that level always higher than the one where I’m at. Either you call me skinny or you call me fat this secular world even classifies average as irregular. It’s sad cause I’ve seen victims to this image of beauty we have portrayed to ourselves. One in five women struggle with eating disorders, three times as more attempts in suicides for a female than a male, is this a cry out for help? Because I’m just asking, have we been so displease with those features that make us us that we feel the need to change them. Plastic surgery seems to be the option these days. Maybe just maybe I’m tripping cause I rather look at the world through God’s visions knowing that he created us in this own image so all those comments the world tries to mold me in: I let it go like lost ever to be found baggage don’t like it squash you like a sandwich bringing you closer and closer together till we all look alike. No one’s unique, just clones walking around the face of the earth only purpose is to follow a certain fade, to follow a certain fashion but when you’re last breathe is past now tell me what happens? What happens? Are we just made to look good? A product of image? Or is there more to us? What is womanhood?

Is it a battle between the sexes? Must I have a mentality that I’m better because I am female? In life will not trail behind a male I will prevail, be bold, be strong and my truth leadership will be unveil. See kids I’ll have…but I care about career. Journey to the top adversity will be there but will not fail but overcome because I am female. Is that the mentality that I’m supposed to have? Quotes like “a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do what a women what he must do can’t” or “whatever a women must do they must do twice as well as a man to be thought half as good, luckily it’s not difficult.” Or “in politic if you want anything said ask as man, if you want anything done ask a women.” Quotes like these simply imply that there’s a competition between us, well if there is I ask you what are we fighting for. A competition with an undetermined winner: what is the purpose? Is that what womanhood is all about?

I heard it’s about chasing fellas, chasing fellas. You chase these fellas cause it makes you feel better. So you sleep with a fellas gotta sleep with a fella its makes me a women if you sleep with a fella. Is that what’s it about? Guys chasing girls and girls chasing guys like cats and dogs chasing each other expect we do it in lust and throw the word love on it. They said they find their identity in a man, as if without one we’re just clueless girls only becoming women when we find that guy. But most of the times the guys we’re with are just filling space to take the empty place so you can say “he completes me.” But it’s what we do to be able to say that is what’s really sad. Compromising our values, wearing a thread of clothing for guys to look at your body instead of you face, looking like a sex object instead of the queen that you are, then wondering why he keeps looking down. If you don’t have respect for yourself how do you expect him to have respect for you? It comes to the point where mothers’ neglects here own child for a man, saying she got needs, he makes me feel like a woman. Feels, feelings past it’s just for a moment but like Da Truth said ‘once you moment is passed, your moment is past you can’t revive it or hold it. But you still chasing fellas gotta chase these fellas you kid mimic what she sees, she starts chasing fellas. Then babies having babies, abortion rate start rising but I don’t see numbers I see dead babies it makes me sick to my stomach but you turn a blind eye. Generations following generations, we’re just mimicking each other. If the older generation doesn’t know what it is to be a woman, how do you expect the younger ones to become one? What is womanhood?

A question still now answered: What is womanhood? Do you know?

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