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streetpastor-sidevochristianhiphoprapdevotionalThere is OPPORTUNITY in INTERRUPTION Luke 8:41-54

As I stepped outside this morning to take in the first glimpse of a beautiful day, I noticed that the back window to my new truck had been smashed out. Now being where I am from, you automatically prepare yourself for the reality that the neighborhood “jack boys” have taken your stereo system, the portable GPS, the change in your cup holders, and whatever else is not nailed down.

Normally this kind of interruption would have caused me to make a few phone calls and visit a few residents of the known thieves in my area; however, through it all I was given an unshakable peace. Lately I have been reading the book of Luke, this week I was studying the 8th chapter, verses 41-54.

During these passages Jesus encounters a synagogue ruler named Jarus whose daughter laid at home dying. Jarus fell to Jesus’ feet, and begged that He would come to his house and save his daughters life. As Jesus and his disciples attempt to make it through the massive crowd that thronged to Him, the passage speaks of a woman who touched the border of His garment and was “healed immediately”.

This touch causes Jesus to stop.

Now place yourself in Jarus’ shoes (or sandals, lol): Your only daughter, who is twelve years of age, lays at home dying, while you and the Healer are on your way home some random lady interrupts.

One thing that we as believers have to understand and know is that there is always an OPPORTUNITY IN INTERUPTION! Jesus was never too busy to stop and deal with the needs of those around Him. So many times we as Christians bypass church on our way to “church.” We see the broken, the helpless, and the needy on our Sunday morning drive to church, and rarely stop to address their needs! Now I am not saying that we should not fellowship (Hebrews 10:25 makes it plain), but I do ask that we challenge ourselves to take the light of Christ where it shines best; in the dark.

In a time where our country is being INTERRUPTED by a failing economy, the war, and a change of leadership with the historic election of its first Black President, we have to take advantage of the OPPORTUNITY to address the needs of a dying culture. Just as the woman with the issue of blood had been stricken with sickness, pain, infection, and agony, the state of our country has been continually dying since the fall of man.

As believers we must be available and in arms reach of the millions of lost souls dealing with a “blood issue”. We must be willing to walk with the Jarus’ of our generation, to show firsthand what it means to be Christ like!

So through it all, whenever our daily routines are interrupted, whenever life is not flowing as smooth as you would like, look for the OPPORTUNITY in the INTERRUPTION!



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