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Artist Devo: Do Ya Want More? (Lavoisier)

I’ve heard many people say, “If I only had more time, I could do what God is calling me to do.” Or “If I only had more money, I could take what I’m doing for God’s Kingdom to the next level.” I’ve often felt that way myself.

In his Word, God gives us the blueprint to getting more of what we need to do what we have to do for him. In Matthew 25:14-28, Jesus tells the parable of a man who went away on a journey and left 3 dudes in charge of some talents (a measure of money equivalent in those days to about a thousand dollars-that’s money, paper, scrilla, cheese, chips, greenbacks, guap). It says in Mathew 25:15, “To one he gave five talents of money, to another two talents, and to another one talent, each according to his ability.”

Sometimes we feel like we don’t have what we need to complete our assignment. Sometimes we think we deserve more; sometimes we feel like we have more than we can handle. But God’s ways are not ours and neither are his thoughts. God has given each of us valuable resources according to our own ability.

As the story goes on, the man given five talents immediately invests the money and doubles it; as does the man who was given two talents. The man who was given one talent did nothing with it and got rebuked upon his boss return. The faithful servants on the other hand were commended and told that because they were faithful with the little that they were given, that more would be entrusted to them. God knows just how much we can handle and has given us gifts, talents, time, people and other resources according to what we’ve shown that we can handle; and only God is truly qualified to make that decision accurately. Who we are and what we do now, versus who will be and what we will do with more, is like the anatomy of a pebble versus a boulder: Two completely different sizes but made up of the same stuff.

You may not think you have much, and you may be right, but what you do with it is a gauge of what will be entrusted to you in your next season. So don’t wait for more than what you have now to give God your all. If you do, you may never get the more you seek. Now, Do Ya Want More?

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