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Artist Devo: Full-Time Ministry (Bobby Bishop)

Published on August 9, 2010

I recently saw an advertisement for a band that got me thinking.  Essentially, the banner stated, “lots of musicians claim to be Christians, but how many can really say they’re in full-time ministry?”  The said band was referring to their primary commitment to their local church as praise and worship musicians, in addition to their role as a traveling ministry. Their commitment to their local church is a testament of their pure intentions and refusal to succumb to a “rock star” mentality. It was a challenge to those that are not rooted in a local church.  Having been a part of a church plant for the past ten years, I can appreciate their conviction.  The ad was a great reminder, however, that we are all in full-time ministry.

I’ll admit that deep down I used to naively embrace the idea that ministry became “valid” once it went national, and that local ministry was the “minor leagues.”  This was more of a subconscious state of mind, but I’m confident it existed and likely affected my approach.  The more time I’ve spent in my zip code, however, the more I’ve embraced the truth that God needs ministers in every corner of the planet, in every profession and role.

Sho Baraka blessed me with his song “Lion’s Anthem,” where he’s bigging-up all of society’s ministers.  If God didn’t have followers in the law enforcement, hospitals, social service agencies, athletics, corporate America, and more, then who is going to reflect Him in these arenas?  As a social worker, I’m faced with compromising situations on a daily basis.  Sometimes I am a reflection of my faith, and other times, well, I’m not.  It’s easy to keep up with appearances on-stage and at youth group and church, but there’s a danger in letting down our guard in the workplace.  Particularly in high-stress scenarios, it is easy to “cave” to the circumstances and act out of our Christ-like character.

In order to be that minister, that around-the-clock servant of Jesus Christ in each corner of our lives, it is necessary to relinquish our personality to Jesus.  Nothing on earth should sway us from His love and desire to know us through and through.  No circumstances should be exempt from this truth.  We are His, full-time.

“Whom have I in heaven but You? And besides You, I desire nothing on earth.” -Psalm 73:25 (NASV)

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