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Artist Devo: God in Mathematics (RAS)

ras-sidevochristianhiphoprapOften when we hear or use the famous scripture in the book of Revelation 3:16, So then because you are lukewarm, and neither cold or hot, I will spew you out of out of my mouth, it is normally coming from a turn or burn prospective as we attempt to fulfill Jude (verse 23) advice to stabilize the believer and win some by fear. Yet briefly, I want add to our understanding with a thought I like to call, “God in Mathematics”.

Like John, I’m a lover of God. Often when I approach his word it’s in the manner of “God advice because he loves me”, rather than “I better do or I’m going to hell”. When I read that God wants us to be hot or cold and not lukewarm, it’s a simple mathematics equation to me. Lukewarm is a fraction of hot verses cold, and this fraction represents the division a believer feels when earthly knowledge competes against God’s wisdom in his or her heart. Well, we all know according to Mark 3:24, a house divided can not stand. God would rather you remain a whole number (hot or cold) rather than be divided (lukewarm) and unable to stand.

His grace, love, and redeeming power is sufficient enough to redeem anyone who chose to take the cold position in this equation, but a double minded man doesn’t receive anything according to the book of James. Now of course, I’m not saying if you’re battling in your heart to go back to the world. I’m simply saying you have to choose. It’s a terrible thing to be divided, unable to stand, and in a position where you can’t receive anything. God would rather spew you out of his mouth than to see you this way. God, like most of us, when doing math rather deal with whole number instead of fractions. Now that’s love, and that’s the God I serve!

In conclusion, if a fraction of your heart belongs to God and a fraction of your heart belongs to the world, then you are divided. The good news is God wants to make you whole. If you agree, you just graduated God in Mathematics. Now you are ready for Spiritual Trigonometry (God in angles). Be Blessed.

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