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djpromote-sidevochristianhiphoprapdevotionalThis devotional was written to reflect the scratches and lyrics used on Knuckle Up featured on Night Owls 4.

Waiting in the car can be a lot of fun – or not… Having only one vehicle and a wife means usually, you gotta “wait in the car”. This time though, I wasn’t waiting for my wife. I was in the middle of waiting on someone to drop off sound equipment when God showed me, there in my car – a bug!!! It was small and unique, about half the size of a lady bug, but rounder (which for some reason was annoying me.) I decided to smash it against the window, but it was too quick. It started moving all over the place, ducking and diving. Not only that, but it kept going into the window crevices so that every time I thought I had it, there it went back to hiding out in the cracks. This game went on for a few minutes until I got so frustrated with the bug that I rolled down the window and let that fool go. It was just turning into too much trouble.

A lot of times when we go through hard times in life it can feel like someone is literally trying to “squash us”. Like the bug in my car, we are caught in an area where Satan has spotted us and thinks he can take us out. Satan wants to destroy us, and he thinks he can. But maybe we give him that impression. How many times have you seen people going through trials and they just give up. They basically sit there and say, “Hey!!! Here I am Satan!!! Squash Me!!! I hate my life!!! I can’t take this, whatever happens – happens!!! I don’t care anymore…” Many times we sit in self pity, depression and sorrow. At this moment in our lives we are at our weakest point. From a bugs, perspective we are stuck in this car and we can see outside the window, but for some reason, we just can’t get out of the dang car, and it’s too hard! Something a hundred times our size is taking every chance to squash us and it seems impossible to deal with. So in our own strength, we give up and allow the attacks and even the destroying of our families, relationships, ministries and lives.

But what did the bug in my car do? Did it give up!!! No. It fought harder and took any chance that it could to get away. Since it couldn’t fight back physically it found refuge and looked for ways to escape. Likewise, if we strengthen ourselves in The Lord and find refuge in Him alone Satan cannot defeat us. It is when we try to face the world on our own that we are defeated. That bug in my car could have let me squash it, but it didn’t and when it became too much trouble, I LET IT GO.

What I’m saying is that when we press on through the hard times and we continue to get back up for another round, Satan will eventually back off. Like the bug in my car, it became too much trouble and I eventually said, “I don’t even care about killing you anymore, just leave!!!” In the same way I believe Satan can only take so much before he too decides he is wasting his time.

Next time you find yourself in a situation like this don’t give up. Resist the devil and he will flee or possibly let you… If a bug has that much to live for how much more motivation do we have to knuckle up, take our chances, and battle anything that comes our way.

Be encouraged that hard times only last a season and we can overcome them if we put our faith in Jesus Christ who sets us free.

Read these verses and use them in your battle against defeat:

  • Exodus 14:13-22
  • 1Timothy 6:11-12
  • James 4:7-10 (3-10)
  • Psalm 91

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